The bad boy, Niall Horan Thinks his falling for the "good girl"Bridget.
But something comes in the way, she doesn't want her heart to be broke again it changed her.
But Niall had a new girl every day. she didn't want to be stupid enough to fall for the bad boy and there is one thing nobody knows about her will he find out or will it remain a secret
Plz no hate This is my first so srry if it sucks and srry for misspells I'm using my phone


2. Chapter 2

Niall's P.O.V

I saw a girl walk in Bridget was her name. I always had a big crush on her. I was staring at her then I snapped back into reality and walked towed her.

"Hey Love" I said, "Hi" she responded, she was so beautiful. I decided to do Wht all girls love."you look hot today love", I saw her blush as she looked down.

"You don't look to bad yourself" she said, "Thx love" I laughed as I took a step forward.

The bell rang and she started to walk away I pushed on a locker and leaned in she moved her head so I would kiss her cheek.

Then she walked off to class leavening me in shock.She turned around to look at me.i smirked "you wanna play hard to get then let's play" I yelled down the hall.

How could she reject my kiss every girl wants to be kissed by me. She might not trust me because I'm a player.

But i wanted her to be mine an onley mine,I loved her eyes I loved her everything I want her to be mine.But she will be......................I Hope.

Authors note

If u want me to continue get 12+ likes and 12+ favs for me to continue and srry of it was short I couldn't think of anything else.give me ideas too that would help. Thx love ya people.

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