The bad boy, Niall Horan Thinks his falling for the "good girl"Bridget.
But something comes in the way, she doesn't want her heart to be broke again it changed her.
But Niall had a new girl every day. she didn't want to be stupid enough to fall for the bad boy and there is one thing nobody knows about her will he find out or will it remain a secret
Plz no hate This is my first so srry if it sucks and srry for misspells I'm using my phone


1. Chapter 1

Bridget's P.O.V

I woke up by my Alarm clock beeping. I got out of bed and took a quick shower, after I brushed my light brown hair,brushed my teeth,then I put on some lipstick and some mascara. I picked out my outfit, I wore a light blue tank top that matched my light blue eyes and put on my blue skinny jeans. It was 6:55 "Shit" I said under my breath I was going to be late and I had to skip breakfast. i yelled to my mom bye as I ran down the stairs and she yelled back "Bye have a nice day".

I grabbed my car keys from the counter. I ran to my car and started the engine. As I drives I thought about Niall Horan the bad boy a school I always had a little crush on him but it was wrong how he played with girls hearts. Maybe I should teach him something about me and not girls fall for him.

10 min's later I arrived at school good I was on time. I went to my locker and I felt someone starring at me and there was Niall Horan starring at me.Then he started walking towards me.

"Hey love " he said to me as he stood at my locker. Why the fuck would he be talking to me, the good girl.

"Hi" I responed. He sept closer to me and whispered "you look hot today love" I felt me self blush, I hope he did't see.

I knew Wht he wanted to do he wanted to play I guess I'll play along. I said "you don't look to bad yourself" he laughed, "thx love " as he took another step closer to me.

The bell ringed i started to walk away but he pushed me on the locker and leaned in slowly I turned my face so he would kiss my cheek.

I walked away as I head to class and I Sees he shocked then he smirks after he sees me look back.

He yelled down the hall "you wanna play hard to get then let's play" he says as he smirks at me.

The thing is really hate school and everyone thinks I'm a good girl but its all a lie and No one knows about my past I just. Acted like how people think I am.

Authors note

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