The Life Of Me

The title says it all. Basically me ranting on and on about my day xD


1. 3rd of March 2014

I am officially dead. Exams are next week and I haven't even studied! A group project was supposed to be handed in today but my friend who has it is away for a competition. Ergh! I'm in trouble! And then I have to train 5 hours a day. EVERYDAY. And competition is next week. I'm lucky if that's the end of my problem but aside from tons of homework and lots of catching up to do, I have a similar problem to all girls all over the world. Boys. You feel me right girls? Boys...where should I start? Since I'm anonymous here, I might as well share with you guys. There's this guy I like since I was 13 (I'm 16 now by the way) and we never talked to each other. EVER. We go to the same school but we've never talked face to face. We only text, like almost everyday. A few days ago, I told him I liked him. It took everything I have to not go over to his house and delete the text from his phone. I was expecting at least rejection. But you know what he did? Nothing. Na-da. All he texted back was 'What's wrong with your phone?' And then I was like 'What?' 'It took you so long to reply me.' 'Huh?' And then he started talking about a girl he thinks is attractive. I mean, I just told you I like you! How can you talk to me about some other girl?! But me being the loser I am, I continued talking to him. Even though it kills me at times. Okay, fine. Whatever. Everything was kinda okay until yesterday. He started a conversation. So we texted. Or more like whatsapped (Its a messaging app for any of you who doesn't know that) Then at 10pm, he said he wanted to sleep. So we said goodnight. Then at 11 something pm, he was still online, chatting with other people. It was like a stab to my heart. He lied. He didn't want to talk to me. If you really don't want to talk to me, tell me straight up. Everyone can agree on me with this one right? Crazily yours, MissBanana
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