My True Detective

Rust and Marty find a strange clue listening to 90's alt rock.


1. Slidell High

The Impala was kicking up dust racing along Route 14. The road from Lafourche to St Charles Parrish went from pavement to broken pavement to dust in a quarter mile. Marty looked over at Rust who was glazing off into the middle distance as he did and put the car into a power slide. "What the F?!" Rust awoke from his dream , looking at Marty's shit-eating grin. "I thought that'd get ya" Marty drawled.

Rust looked down and hit the radio dial. He couldn't take another second of Meryl Haggard. He caught the Southeastern La college station out of Slidell. "Slidell High" as it was known locally, was not a great institution of higher learning but the college radio was Bolshie and eerie which suited Rust just fine.

He hit the station and began hearing Morphine's "I Got A Head With Wings" rolling over him, Marty continued his sideways glance at Rust beginning at his closed eyes and moving downward...

Mark Sandman's voice filled the car: "I got a head with wings, the view up here is so clear..."

Rust's eyes opened wide, "Stop the car!!!" he shouted at Marty who was pretending not to look at Rust's rippling arms.  The car slide to a halt in the dust cyclone swirling around them in that familiar shape, Rust was out of the car already, 

"That's it!!"

"That's what, man?" Marty asked.

Rust looked back into the car as the dust settled and saw the outline of a single-string bass in the back seat.

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