She's just a fan - A one direction fanfiction

Romy is going on vacation with her parents for 2 months.
They're going to Cheshire, her fathers home town.
Just like most fangirls she goes crazy when she sees Harry Styles.
But will she become more than "just a fan"?
Read this story and find out :)


1. Vacation time

She's just a fan - A one direction fanfiction. Written by Emmamagerdk

chapter 1


"Romy hurry up we're leaving now!" I heard my mom yell downstairs.

"Yeah mom, I'm coming." I said while throwing the last things in my bag, and closing it.

I ran down the stairs with my extremely full bag and almost fell.

"There you are darling. We need to hurry up or dad will be driving to Cheshire by himself." She said with a smile on her face. I laughed, but hurried anyway, 'cause I know he'd actually do it. I got in the car and we drove away.

My parents and I were going to Cheshire for 2 months. My dad grew up there so he knew a lot of people. I didn't, and beside the fact that one of dads friends had a daughter, Rose, who I got along with really well, there wasn't really anyone to hang out with.

We lived with my dads friend Mike, his wife Vera, their sons Nathaniel and Jeremy and their daughter Rose. I've always thought that Nathaniel had a thing for me, and, yeah, the other way around also. But I'm scared of what Rose would think. I remember how protective she was when I was with David, and, no, forget it. David was a jerk, I shouldn't bring that up. Never mind.

After some time in the car, we finally arrived. After greeting I was tired, so Rose and I agreed to go to our room. We each held one of my 4 bags and my dad carried the other two. Strong man you know.

"So what do you think? Like the posters?" She asked while looking around her room. The little Bitch! She'd hung Justin Bieber posters all over! Not even a little open wall was left. And she knew danm well that Justin Bieber, softly said, isn't my thing. "Well, you know I prefer One Direction, but Justin Bieber isn't that bad." I said looking at her.Trying to say it as nice as possible.

Now she looked disappointed but started talking again. Not that I'd expected anything else. Once she knows you, she kind of never stops talking. But that's what I love about her.

"Do you want to go shopping tomorrow?" She asked with a hopeful look. "Yeah sure." I said already looking forward to it. Me and shopping are best friends you know. "Oh and then, you can come meet my boyfriend too! His name is Matthew and h...". Eh, WHAT?! She'd gotten a boyfriend? "Wait! You have a boyfriend?!" I said a bit shocked. I mean yeah she was pretty and all, but last time I saw her she was all anti-boys. Anti-David atleast.. Oh shit, just brung it up again.

"Yeah I have a boyfriend! Haven't you?". And here comes the David part. "No... David and I.... we... eh..didn't last long." I hate talking about him. He is the worst thing that ever happened to me. And what he did to me.. I still can't talk about it, sorry.

She noticed there were tears staring to fill my eyes and quickly came to hold me. Why does this always happen when I talk about him, or even just mention his name? The guy was a cheater! I really loved him, but, I found him in bed with some slut. And that after..the thing.

"Don't worry, you'll find someone better!" I heard Rose whisper, before I slowly dozed off.


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