She's just a fan - A one direction fanfiction

Romy is going on vacation with her parents for 2 months.
They're going to Cheshire, her fathers home town.
Just like most fangirls she goes crazy when she sees Harry Styles.
But will she become more than "just a fan"?
Read this story and find out :)


2. Poor girl

When I woke I was in Rose's arms just the way I fell asleep. As quiet as I could I climbed out of bed, trying not to wake her, 'cause I've made that mistake before. I opened my bags and threw everything on the floor.

I had just decided on a pair of black skinny jeans and a lightblue tanktop as Rose woke. "Are you okay?". Rose said in a low morning voice, while trying to get out of bed. "Yeah. Thanks... What time are we going shopping by the way?". I asked. Looking forward to getting more clothes, and throw them on the floor with the rest. "Well I was thinking after breakfast, if that's okay with you? They're open early today". She smiled at me with a hopefull look, questioning if I was okay with that. Of course, earlier is always better, atleast when it comes to shopping. I nodded and she started changing.

She was way faster at changing than me, so we were ready to go downstairs within 10 minuttes. We entered the room, and saw that the others had already eaten. Also had they been so kind to eat about everything there was, so Rose and I had to go get some of our own. To everyone's surprise, I was happy about that. You see, I could live of scones. And every chance I get to buy myself some scones, I buy myself some scones. "So Rose is there a bakery somewhere near?" I asked her extremely exited "Ehh, yeah. You want to go there?" She asked a bit confused. I was already putting some shoes on, so I didn't bother to answer that.

Not even ten minutes later, I saw a sign saying:

W. Mandeville


Maker of


"Wait! Isn't this the bakery...". I started to say, but she cut me off. "The bakery Harry Styles used to work at? Yeah it is.". She said opening the door and entering.

I entered the room and we looked at all the food. "What can I get you girls?" The old woman behind the counter asked very nicely. I looked at Rose but she was to busy staring at her phone. Not my problem, I'll just get what I want then. "10 scones please.". Just some advice to you, never order to little scones, you'll regret it! At least ten I'd say, but more is always better.

After breakfast Rose and I went shopping. We had gone to forever 21, where I had gotten a pair of black shorts and a cute summer dress. Now we were on our way to primark, my favorite store ever. Rose knows that, so she's already prepared to be dragging my stuff around. She is a perfect friend. Everyone needs a Rose.

-Buy a Rose here, she carries your stuff around and doesn't eat your scones- Ha, just joking.


We were going to Matthews after shopping for about 4 hours. He lives nearby so we walked. We had at least 7 bags each. Well yeah! I do love shopping. I've always wanted a walk-in-closet but our house wasn't big enough. Therefor my room at home has the floor covered with clothes. No walk-in-closet doesn't mean no shopping...

I was kinda exited to finaly meet Matthew. Rose has told me a lot about him. At one point I even had to make her stop talking. She told me he has short blonde hair, is a bit taller than her, has brown eyes, a nice smile and a six pack. I must admit, to me he sounds like a hot guy, but I'm more into brown hair and green eyes. And I would never steal her boyfriend, even if I would die of heartbreak.

Rose was calling Matthew to tell him we were on our way, but apparently he didn't pick up. She'd called him at least 6 times already. Luckily she knows exactly where he keeps the keys, so we just went there anyways.

Walking to Matthews was harder than expected, but with the amount of shoppingbags we walked around with it was understandable. We entered his apartment, placed our bags on the ground, and looked around for him. But he was nowhere to be found. Rose didn't bother to yell his name, she just walked to his bedroom knowing he'd probably be asleep. She opened the door really quietly not wanting to wake him.

Opposite of our expectations, he wasn't sleeping. He was very awake laying on his bed, naked, with some other dude's dick in his ass. He had his eyes closed, probably enjoying the sex. It really disgusted me. I mean, I don't have anything against gay people, but cheating on one of my best friends like this, really pisses me off. Rose fully opened the door, making Matthew and his fuckbuddy jump up and quickly cover themselves with a sheet. Their facial expressions changed within seconds, and Matthew immediately tried to explain himself. Rose on the other hand was mad as fuck, but controlled herself really well. Instead of hitting him, as I would've done if I was in this situation, she just told him it was over and walked away. Matthew ran after her, but got stopped by me. He told me he was forced and didn't even want that guy to fuck him. Also he said that I had no right standing in his way, since he really felt he should explain to Rose. I didn't move, I just looked him straight in the eyes all the time. It was seconds after that that he tried to get past me, which he shouldn't have done as he ended up on the floor after I punched him right in the face and walked away.

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