She's just a fan - A one direction fanfiction

Romy is going on vacation with her parents for 2 months.
They're going to Cheshire, her fathers home town.
Just like most fangirls she goes crazy when she sees Harry Styles.
But will she become more than "just a fan"?
Read this story and find out :)


6. Dreaming?

Once again I woke up in Nathan's bed. This time at 5PM. Nathan himself was still sleeping, so beautifully. I checked my phone and saw a couple of texts. One of them was from my mother saying 'Mike, Vera, your father and I will be eating out and going to a party afterwards, don't stay up for us. Also Jeremy will be sleeping at a friends. Have fun & love u'.

I calmly woke Nathan up and let him read the text. "So it's just me and you then, would you like me to make us some pasta? And maybe eat it while watching a movie?". I nodded and couldn't help smiling. All I ever wanted was to have a hot guy make me dinner while I was laying in his bed picking out a movie, maybe I was still dreaming?

I also had a text from Perrie in which she said that Rose had finally made it to her house, but was doing pretty bad and would therefor stay the night. This made me feel pretty bad for Rosie, she really didn't deserve this much pain, but it made me feel good for myself, the whole night alone with Nathan...

I quickly changed into one of Nathan's longer shirts and went to the kitchen. He had some romantic music playing and was doing his best to not burn the food. This really made me want to hug him from behind, so I did. I mean honestly why would I not. He tensed up at first, not expecting this gesture, but soon relaxed and turned his head over his shoulder. We both smiled at each other, but got interrupted by the soon to be burned pasta.

I got us each a glass of wine, while Nathan plated the pasta. We went to his room and watched The Last Song (one of my all time favourites) while eating it. During the movie I couldn't help but peek over at Nathan, his beautiful dark brown hair, green eyes and his beautifully shaped lips. Not to mention his amazing personality. Before he could notice me looking I looked away, but soon after I could feel his eyes burning on my skin which got me blushing.

After the movie we cleaned the dishes, ate dessert and decided to go for a walk. Nathan said he wanted to show me around, but I think he just wanted to go for a romantic walk, fine with me either way.

When we got outside it was already dark. Fun fact about me: I'm really afraid of the dark. Nathan new this and used it to his advantage as he held his arm around me and held me tight.

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