She's just a fan - A one direction fanfiction

Romy is going on vacation with her parents for 2 months.
They're going to Cheshire, her fathers home town.
Just like most fangirls she goes crazy when she sees Harry Styles.
But will she become more than "just a fan"?
Read this story and find out :)


5. Didn't see that coming

Romy's POV

Dear diary,

It's 2 PM, I'm in Rose's room, alone. Rose left some time ago, and didn't answer my calls and texts, so I guess she's busy. Nathan went to his room after telling me something I'd never expected..

When David and I broke up after I caught him in bed with some slut, I thought he didn't care about me. I'd thought that since he began to distance himself from me, but the feeling slowly got stronger. At first he stopped complimenting me, after that he hardly ever came over. Until one day when he was sitting on the doorstep of my family house when I came back from work. I immediately noticed that he was drunk; every sentence he said or tried to say was incomplete, when in fact he always had his grammar correct. As I tried to open the door he kept touching me and saying how great a girlfriend I was, and that he really wanted to take it to the next step with me.

When we finally got inside and upstairs in my room he collapsed in my bed. I let him be, while I went to the bathroom to take a shower and change into some more comfortable clothes. When I came back he was sleeping, so I just got in the bed beside him and fell asleep also.

The next morning David told me he had to tell me something. While I listened carefully he told me how yesterday this girl had come to his house and told him that she was carrying his baby. He'd also told me that he vaguely remembered having a one night stand with her, so it could be possible that she was telling the truth.

About a week after that the girl came back with positive test results; David was the father. I was having a hard time dealing with it, but decided to stay with David through this. I loved him, I really did. Enough to stay with him while some other chick was walking around with his baby.

As we'd just learned to continue living our lives, knowing that David would be a father soon, something even worse happened.

The more I thought about what Nathaniel said, the more I realised that nothing had been his fault, so he shouldn't beat himself up about it. Therefor I decided to go and talk to him. I knocked on the door and within a second he told me to come in. He invited me to come sit on his bed. I could clearly see that he'd been crying, and it made me feel kinda bad. "Hey, I just wanted to say that everything that happened wasn't your fault. You really shouldn't blame it on yourself, how could you have known that David would get a girl pregnant and afterwards try to get with my mother?" That was the thing I didn't want to tell, anyone. I came home from school one day to my mother being held tightly by David, probably wanting to do some sexual activities with her. I noticed immediately that he was yet again drunk, and pulled him away from my mother. Every other girl would've probably broken up with him without hesitation, but I didn't really care that much about my mother; she'd been a bad mother right from the start.

"I know", he said "but I can't forgive myself. I should've known that he was going to hurt you one way or an other the moment he called to ask me for advice on 'how to make Romy fall hopelessly in love with me'.".

I looked Nathan deeply in his eyes, sort of smiled and rested my head on his shoulder while I told him it's okay. I could immediately feel the relief going through his body. He hugged me, and we laid down in his bed, all cuddled up. I actually thought about kissing him and all that, but decided this was not the right time.

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