Cold Heart

Post apocalyptic scene. Basically a story of corruption and hope.


2. In the Beginning there was...

In 2030, the human population had dropped dramatically. Returning to primitive lifestyles, survivors of the Ultima Mors had all become scavengers and those that didn’t died of starvation. Many different tribes were formed in order to survive the harsh remains of the world after Ultima Mors, those who did not belong to a tribe were often killed by other tribes or died a lonely death. As time progressed tribes began to merge together and to help manage with the large numbers within a tribe, clans were formed. Clans were war parties typically consisting of six to ten people. Whilst all clans had learned how to fight, some clans were primarily focussed on professions such as blacksmithing, marketing and even farming. Clans that were in this role were classed as the worker clans and only fought in dire circumstances.

Even though the Ultima Mors was finished, many tribes still waged war against each other over territory and resources. Most of the mainland where their cities used to stand proud were reduced to rubble and were heavily irradiated. Some tribes had ventured into these cities and most died within minutes of being exposed. However, there were some tribes that were able to salvage small cities. There were three tribes that had occupied cities, these tribes were quickly exalted and many other tribes began to follow them. These superior tribes were viewed as nations and even had their own provinces. These three provinces were spread over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The largest tribe, known as the ‘Renegades’, had the largest province, which stretched from east Europe as far as India, however, the African continent belonged to a slightly smaller sized tribe known as the ‘Iron Fist’. The Iron Fist was well known for its engineering capability. They conquered all tribes in the African continent with no losses due to their mechanical superiority. They specialised in salvaging vehicles and weaponry and after they had attempted to invade the Renegades, began to set up trade for their weaponry. The country of Russia had yet to be conquered by any tribe, it was far too dangerous to venture into the new extreme climate that had formed. There are rumours that another large secret tribe like the Renegades and Iron Fist was being formed, however these rumours were never confirmed.

However, the tribe ‘Redemption’s Hand’ was determined to find out. Redemption’s Hand was relatively small compared to iron Fist or Renegade, but both tribe’s knew that Redemption’s Hand had superiority in almost all terrains, as such, neither of the two greater tribes had ever engaged in any major battle with them. Redemption’s Hand were no cowards, they regularly ambushed many caravans set-up between tribes and were ruthless to unfortunate tribes that had venture into the Asian province. Whilst Redemption’s Hand had no designated province like the other two tribes due to their nomadic like characteristic, it was clear that they always had eyes all throughout the continent and when their eyes saw prey, they attacked without hesitation. Within Redemption’s Hand was a clan called the Terracotta Warriors. Though, they were often called ‘Stone Heads’ as a result of their famous stubbornness. The Terracotta Warriors were an elite war party of 8 members and were often task to investigate or assassinate other clans of opposing tribes. They were by far the most revered in the tribe and were second in command of the tribe to the clan known as the ‘Royal Guard’. The leader of the tribe was naturally the commander of this clan. Their clan specialised in tactical and diplomatic planning and often gave out commands for missions. However, they were not given the position of leadership without experience in combat; they were often spoken of as the only clan that could defeat the Terracotta Warriors. As a result, these two clans always had a strained friendship, even among a tribe, and it was not uncommon for duels to occur between members. Needless to say the Royal Guard would always win until recently.

As time progressed the Warriors had begun to win more and more duels. This did not help the already strained relationship, as many lower clans began to prefer to be under the reign of the Terracotta Warriors. The Warriors had never desired to take leadership, however the Royal Guard saw otherwise. For a long time the Guard sought a way to rid the Warriors. It was only in 2043 that the Guard had developed a plan to eliminate the clan without any suspicion. If their plans were to be revealed, they knew that they would be thrown out of power immediately. At this time, reports had come through that the Renegades were engaging large numbers of fighters in the Russian wastelands, west of Moscow, if they were to push further forward they knew that the Renegades would be far too superior to fight against. So they had decided to eliminate both threats at once, by sending the Terracotta Warriors to eliminate the issue.

Upon receiving their mission, the Terracotta Warriors set out immediately to cut of supply routes to Renegade camps. In order to travel the distance and survive, the Warriors either negotiated with tribes during their journey for shelter or pillaged larger tribes. In the expanse of a year, they had eventually arrived at the battlefield of the Renegades and the Russian tribe’s Resistance group. Over a year they Renegades had pushed forward, nearing Moscow, which led to many resistance soldiers dying from exposure to radiation as they tried to retreat into the city. The Terracotta Warriors initiated their plan and had successfully cut off all supplies and had formed a temporary encampment in the north-west of Moscow. They were hidden away in between hills and remained there for 10 months. At this point, the Renegades were being pushed back into their province. When this news returned to the Guard, they were infuriated at how they had both survived and successfully pushed the Renegades back and immediately sent a messenger to the Renegades to have a peaceful negotiation over the Warriors. They intended to advise them of Warriors presence and plans.

The Warriors decided that they should investigate the resistance and discover whether the rumours were true. As they approached a resistance encampment they were immediately threatened. They Warriors explained what they were doing and how they had cut the supplies for them. The resistance understood and welcomed them as guests. After many inquires, the Warriors had discovered that there was indeed a large resistance building and that they had formed a large tribe called ‘Cold Heart’. They explained that they had ben surviving separated from the three major tribes, but that they were still informed of the situation in the outside world.

The Warriors remained with the resistance group for another 6 months and had even joined them in fighting the Renegade and defended them from attacks from rogue tribes. The leader of the Terracotta Warriors was called ‘Bear’. He never revealed his true identity, but was renowned for his leadership of the clan and always treated his clan as his own family. Bear had been secretly working his way on building friendships in order to meet the resistance leader, named Yuni Ling. Yuni was a merciless warrior who was brought up with a peaceful family. She was only young when her family was taken from her during the Ultima Mors and had sought revenge on those who had killed her family ever since. Bear’s next in command, tactician Nian Ty, was tasked to keep informed with what was happening between tribes and was delegated the informant of the group. He trained some of the resistance to ‘spy’ on the enemy without being detected. He had selected those who excelled to go back to the Redemption’s Hand province and find out what the Royal guard was planning. They had not heard word ever since they had left and each member of the Warriors knew deep down the real reason for the mission.

When the 6 months had ended, the Warriors gathered to decide on their next course of action. They were well aware that upon returning home there will be an ambush either on the road home, or when they reach home. They had decided to join the resistance tribe Cold Heart until they knew more information, they were immediately stationed to become the personal clan of Yuni Ling. Yuni had decided that as part of them joining, she would join their clan. Yuni was never in a clan whilst leading the tribe. The Warriors were hesitant at the idea and asked of her ability in combat and tested her mental performance. She passed all tests and had surprised all but Bear. Bear was concerned that her motives were darkened and would ultimately become her downfall. Naturally, Yuni opposed his accusations, though she knew that he was right. Yuni was to serve underneath Bear, whilst remaining as a leader of the resistance, with her second in command stewarding most activity and battle plans. The Terracotta Warriors were promoted to the highest ranks of the resistance and always used their same tactic; to cut off the supplies of the enemy.

They fought many battle together. The Warriors consisted of Bear, the leader, Nian Ty, Bear’s right hand man and master tactician, Crescent, the teams master of stealth.

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