I grabbed the blade. My eyes still bloodshot red. I pulled up my sleeve. I started to cry again. I slit my wrist. Bright red blood poured out. I deserve it.


10. Open it

"Wow you need to paint in here" he smiled. I laughed.

"I know but it's going to take a while" I said.

"I'll help" he smiled. He grabbed it. And started to paint. I did the same. I couldn't reach all the way to the top.

"Here jump on my back" he smiled.

i giggled. I jumped on his back and still couldn't reach. "It's too far up" I laughed.

he let me down but slowly still me in his arms. He smiled. Out lips were so close. But instead of kissing me got paint of his finger and put it on my nose. I laughed.

i got paint and made him into a kitty. We laughed. He held me close to him. And softly pecked my lips then marked me on the cheek.

"You cheater!" I laughed. Then we started to paint eachother and laughing. Then he pulled me close again. We were full of paint. We kissed. Softly and passionately. 

It was our first real kiss.

then we finally finished painting. "I had fun" I said. I kissed him again passionately running my fingers through his hair. I smiled still my lips on his. He kissed me a peck.

Then my mom walked in. "Umm" she said awkwardly.

"Goodnight" he said. He kissed me on the cheek and walked up to the door. "Goodnight Ms.Morse" he said. Then walked out. My mother smiled and looked at me then walked into her room. I bit my bottom lip smiling.

wow was I glad we moved here.

(PRESENT)i have to stop! He's gone! My eyes watered.

was our love fake? I asked myself. He didn't desrve this! I walked over to Mrs.Andersons house.

and asked her for the key to the little door. Surprisenly she nodded and handed me them. I walked over and knelt down and opened the little door.


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