I grabbed the blade. My eyes still bloodshot red. I pulled up my sleeve. I started to cry again. I slit my wrist. Bright red blood poured out. I deserve it.


9. Little door

I was walking out of Mrs. Anderson's house when I saw it. I walked over to it. It was a little door. Connected to their house. It was locked. I pulled and gigged trying to open it. It wouldn't budge. I had never seen that there before.

i walked back into my house. I sat down on the bed. I just sat there. I have been crying a lot lately. I just don't think I can keep crying. I got up and walked around my room. It had been a mess still. Like how it always was.

i still remember when I first moved here.

"Yeah I'm moving houses" I said into the phone.

"Really? Does your mom know where yet?" Jay asked. 

"No she just has everything packed and everything" I laughed.

"You know the house right if front of mine is open" he said.

"Really! " I said super excited. "Yeah you should ask your mom to check it out" he said. He gave me the address. I wrote it down then hung up and ran over to mom.

"Mom you should checkout this one." I said. "I'll make a call" she said. Then the next day we went to go check it out.

after we were done we looked out at it again. "Hi" we heard a lady come from behind us.

"Hi.." My mom said smiling shaking her hand.

"I'm Anne Anderson" she smiled.

"Hi I'm Stella morse" say mom said.


then I saw Jay come out. He smiled. I ran up to him and hugged him. 

"Are you thinking of buying this house?" Mrs.Anderson asked my mother.

"Yeah but were not so sure..." My mother said.

"Why not? It a lovely house. And you seem like nice people. I think we could be very nice friends. As long as you don't throw old parties" Mrs. Anderson laughed.

my mom laughed. I don't know why? It wasn't very funny.

"Hmmm" my mom thought.

"And the kids can walk to school together and everything" she smiled.

"Ehh yeah what the hell" she shrugged laughing.

the laughed shook hands again.

"When are you moving in?" She asked my mother before she walked away. 

"Tomorrow morning" she said then called me over there.

 I kissed jay on the cheek then walked over with my mom.

the next day we were loading our stuff out of the moving van and into the house.

"You need help?" Mrs.Anderson asked. 

"Oh well thank you but there are couches.." She said.

"Oh don't worry that's why we have my husband and Jay" she laughed. After that I didn't really listin to what hey were saying. They were just there drinking lemonade on a hot day laughing.

i walked over to jay. I helped move stuff. Not the heavy stuff of course but stuff.

jay and his father brought in the big stuff.

his dad saw me and smiled "Cristina right?" He smiled. "yeah...jays father right?" I smiled.

"Yes" he smiled.

"It's very nice to meet you" I smiled. 

"You too...your very lovely...and just as pretty as Jay said" he smiled and nodded then continued moving stuff in. I smiled to myself and bit my bottom lip.

i walked over to jay and kissed him on the cheek while he was lifting something.

then an hour or two later we were done. 

Then at about 6:00pm I was in my room thinking with a bucket of paint. 

"Hey beautiful" jay said all the sudden from the doorway.

"Hey" I smiled. I stood up and hugged him. 

I walked over and tripped a little on wood.

we both laughed. "I'm going to go give this to my mom" I said as I lifted it.

"She's at my house..eating dinner" he laughed.

"My parents will proabaily invite you guys to dinner a lot. They like you guys. I smiled.


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