For the ANZAC'S

A poem for the ANZAC'S


2. 100 Years On

Authors Note: One Hundred years ago today the Australia New Zealand Army Corps fought on the beach on Gallipoli, many of them died. Millions served their Country and King in war. The fighting went on for days on end. Many lost their lives, not as much that were killed on April 25th 1915, today we remember it as ANZAC day where we wear a red poppy and go to services throughout Australia and New Zealand. One hundred and thirty thousand men died any more were injured The Nurses worked overtime as missiles were launched, Eight thousand Seven hundred out of the death toll were Australian's, Two Thousand Seven Hundred and twenty-one were New Zealanders. The rest were either French or British. ANZAC Day marks the amount of ANZAC's that died in one battle. In the end they lost the Battle for Gallipoli. May We Remember them. 


Today marks the 100th anniversary of the battle. This Poem is dedicated to the ANZAC's 



100 years ago they fought for what they believed in, 

Some never returned home, 

Some returned but they didn't. 

Shell Shock, nightmares and more.

Were some of the causes


The Men were mowed down as it was said,

As they stepped off the boats they were killed,

Before they made it to the field,

So Many died, so many injured.

They were sent back after they had recovered,

To be killed again,

For some it was to much,

Purposely injuring themselves too go back home,

They never returned,

They were killed by the leading men,

For Cowardice as it was thought then.


One Hundred Years ago where the men died Poppies grew in the fields as others cried,

Families received letters saying their sons would not return,

One Hundred years later we still will remember them,

They Fought for our freedom,

To shape the world today,

The Great War they called it,

The War to stop all Wars,

But they were wrong,

World War One as we call it,

Nineteen Years after it finished,

Another war was declared


Australia and New Zealand fought in that War,

Not in Europe,


They fought in the Pacific War,

Which ended long after the death of Adolf Hitler,

That War ended with the Atomic Bomb which killed millions in,

Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


We Remember them all,

Especially the Eleven Thousand One Hundred and Twenty One ANZACs that day,

The Battle raged from April 25th 1915 to May 1st 1915.

April 25th the greatest loss of life in one single day for the two countries, 

That have been side by side for millions of years,

A break through for New Zealand finally noticed,

A small country that fought for the King,

Part of the Commonwealth

Such a small country we were compared to Australia,

But we fought side by side,

And the men lie side by side.

ANZAC Day 2015 100 year Anniversary.


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