Isabella Marie Elwood had the perfect life. Amazing parents, and wonderful siblings. Her life went crumbling down when she was kidnapped at the age of 6. So far it has been 12 years. Her family has stopped looking. Her best friend, Emily, has stopped looking. She moved on and made new friends. It's like everyone has forgotten about her and moved of with their lives, but they didn't forget. They just gave up. But one person has never stopped looking. Now, after 12 years of abuse, she free. But she has changed. She is broken. Soon after she is free she bumps into her old friend. Will he be able to fix her, climb her walls? Or will she be like this forever?


4. chapter 4

I watched as Niall knocked on the door. I am scared to see my mum again. I watched as the door slowly opened and a little girl about 3 came into view.

"Bella this is Ashley. She is your little sister" Niall whispered in my ear. I started tearing up. I grabbed paper.

I have a little sister?

"Yep" he nodded.

"Hi Ni" she said.

"Hey Ash, can you go get mummy for me?" He asked nicely to the little girl. She nodded and ran off. Once my mum came into view she have Niall a sad smile. Once she looked at me, disgust crossed over her face.

"And you are?" She asked. More tears made there way to my eyes. A few slipped. I looked at Niall. He just stood there in shock. I just ran until I reached Emily's house. I knocked on the door. Once it opened I fell into Jill's arms and cried. Silently.

"Isabella?" She asked. I nodded. "Honey what's wrong?" She questioned. I made a writing motion with my hands. She nodded and went to go get paper

"What the fuck is going on mom. IM TRYING TO HAVE FUN WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!" I heard a voice, a voice I know so well. Emily Rose Edwards. But what I am seeing. In not Emily. They EMILY I knows where's sweatpants and long sleeve shirts. This one is wearing. Really short shorts. And a bra like thing.

"Who are you?" She asked rudely, with disgust. I took out a paper and wrote Bella Elwood and showed her. She looked at me.

"Well well well. Look who we have here." She said walking down the stairs. " the girl that once was my best friend. I went into depression you know. I was so upset and mad you were gone. For 12 years. 12 FUCKING YEARS BELLA! I have up and slowly got out of my state. Made new friends and now I have the best life. In my opinion. I love partying. Getting with guys. It's the best feeling. I'm much happier without you" she said with a smirk. Her mom came back with paper. I quickly wrote something and showed it to her.

"YOU GOT RID OF THE OLD EMILY! SHES GONE BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU DESTROYED HER AND YOU DESERVE TO PAY FOR IT!" She screamed. And ran up stairs. I didn't even notice there was a guy there until I looked followed her with my eyes. When she got to the top of the stairs and smashed her lips to his. He instantly responded. He out his hands on he hips and she put her hands on his neck, tangling her fingers with his hair. His hands made their way to her bum. I stopped looking there. I wrote something down on paper and showed it to Jill.

"Bella. I'm so sorry. I wish I could have helped. I really do. And I'm sorry about Emily. Just don't give up on her. I know the old Em is still in there. Somewhere." She said I nodded. Can I stay here? I wrote. She nodded

"Anytime Bella" I thanked her went to my old room here. Exactly how I left it. Yes I had a room here. Yes I remember how I left it. I liked around my room and sat down on my bed and looked at my nightstand. Tears rolled down my checks as I looked at the picture of me and Emily. It was a day before in was kidnapped. Great events for my escape day right?

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