Isabella Marie Elwood had the perfect life. Amazing parents, and wonderful siblings. Her life went crumbling down when she was kidnapped at the age of 6. So far it has been 12 years. Her family has stopped looking. Her best friend, Emily, has stopped looking. She moved on and made new friends. It's like everyone has forgotten about her and moved of with their lives, but they didn't forget. They just gave up. But one person has never stopped looking. Now, after 12 years of abuse, she free. But she has changed. She is broken. Soon after she is free she bumps into her old friend. Will he be able to fix her, climb her walls? Or will she be like this forever?


3. chapter 3

I looked at my self in the mirror. Ugh. I help onto the counters and examined myself. I am absolutely disgusted in myself. I'm fat. Ugly. My hair is a complete mess. My clothes are wrinkled and dirty. I just want to get away from here. I looked are the room. I stopped when I saw a window. I think I could it. I opened the window and saw what I think it a back yard. I climbed threw the window and liked around for a gate.

No gate.

Looks like I have to do this the hard way. Climb the fence. I walked over to the fence and slowly climbed it. Once I was at the top I jumped down and ran. I ran until all of my surrounding got familiar. I saw the police station, it's above three blocks away. I ran. Two more blocks. As I was running I bumped into someone. I refuse to speak so I got up and reached out a hand for him. I couldn't see his face because, well ya know, he fell. Once I saw his face my eyes widened. NIALL


"Isabella?" He asked. I didn't say any thing. I just jumped up and hugged him. But then I remembered my weigh. I quickly got off of him and gave him an apologetic look.

"What?" He asked. I didn't say anything I just shook my head. I moved my hands in a sorta writing motion hoping he would understand.

"Paper?" He asked. I nodded. He took out a paper and a pen and handed it to me. I wrote:

I don't talk anymore. :/ but it's amazing seeing you! And I let go of the hug because I don't need you carrying me. I weigh a ton sorry.

I handed him the note. He frowned a shook his head.

"What are you talking about. You weigh like nothing. I mean look at you. YOURE SO THIN!" He exclaimed. I shook my head. I grabbed the paper:

Can I see my family? I miss them. I feel so bad. They have been wasting their time to come and find me.

I handed him the note and he scratched the back of his neck nervously. I have him a confused look.

"Yeah. About your family and Emily. They uhh. How do I say this." He paused before continuing "gave up. The stopped looking bell. They didn't forget. They just stopped looking. I sorry. Emily moved on. She changed a lot. I don't know what she'll do if se sees you. But I never stopped. I always had hope" he said. I just nodded.

"Well. Let's go" he said

I know. Shitty chapter. But here it is! Hope you like it.

-Johanna <3

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