Isabella Marie Elwood had the perfect life. Amazing parents, and wonderful siblings. Her life went crumbling down when she was kidnapped at the age of 6. So far it has been 12 years. Her family has stopped looking. Her best friend, Emily, has stopped looking. She moved on and made new friends. It's like everyone has forgotten about her and moved of with their lives, but they didn't forget. They just gave up. But one person has never stopped looking. Now, after 12 years of abuse, she free. But she has changed. She is broken. Soon after she is free she bumps into her old friend. Will he be able to fix her, climb her walls? Or will she be like this forever?


2. chapter 2

"But I thought.... You were.... What?"

"That slut is asleep. I was wondering where my bella girl was" (A/N: bella is Italian for beautiful.) he said placing his hand on my cheek. I just looked at him in fear. He smirked and punched me in the stomach. I stumbled back and looked up at him. I was about to back up but he kicked me and I feel back and my head slammed on the ground. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I blinked back the tears. I kept my eyes closed waiting for the kick. Nothing. Punch? Noting. Slap? Nothing.

I slowly opened my eyes. He was just standing there looking down at me.

"Go shower you disgusting little whore." He spat at me. I nodded and ran up to my room. I slammed the door shut and put my back against it. I looked over at that girl. I saw she is awake. She looked at me in... Disgust? I should be looking at her like that. She doesn't even bother to cover up herself. Nasty.

"Have you seen Andrew?" I nodded.

"Where?" She asked. I pointed to the ground.

"Downstairs?" She asked. I nodded.

"You could have just said that. Is anybody over?" I shook my head. She nodded and got up walking over her. I just looked at her in disgust.

"What?" She asked "is something on me?" She asked looking at her nude body. I shook my head. She nodded. She stood in front of me. Looking at my like I am supposed to do something.

"Could you move?" She asked in annoyance. Oh. I nodded and moved to the side. She walked out of my room slamming the door behind her. Okay then. I walked into my closet and grabbed a towel. I heard yelling. Then it stopped. No door slam? Well that weird. It goes yelling, gets quiet, then there is the door slam. Meaning they left. Did she not leave? No, she had to have left. He never does them a second time.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I got scared and made my way to the bathroom. But I didn't close the door. I wanna see of anyone is going to come in here. I heard my door open and in came Andrew and that girl. They were in a very heated make out session. They got on the bed and I closed the door. I do not want to see that. I put my towel on the hook next to the shower and striped out if my clothes and stepped into the shower. I turned on the water and stood there, letting the water come down. I started to wash my body and my hair. Once I was done I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. Well. I was going to but a hand grabbed mine. I quickly jerked my hand back and stepped back. Andrew stopped in.

"You didn't think I was done with you, did you? The fun has just begun." I fell on the ground and watched as he took of his socks and his pants. Please no. This can't be happening. He took off his boxers and his shorts and kneeled beside my and put a hand in my leg. I shivered in disgust but he took it as pleasure. He moved his hand up my thy and to my stomach. He moved so he was now straddling me. He moved his hand up more until it was right next to my breasts. I placed a hand on my breast and slightly squeezed. I flinched in pain. He put not of his hand to my hips and slowly started rubbing his front side on me. I leaned in to my ear but placed a hand onto breast and rubbed it.

"Doesn't that feel good?" He asked. I shook my head. He growled and placed a hand on my place.

"I treat you so good, I reward you like this. And you can't even be nice enough to say I please you." He said. I just closed my eyes not wanting to see any of this. He squeezed my place, hard. I whimpered hoping he would see this as to tell him to stop but he didn't.

"Let's get out of this small place and go to a bigger area" he whispered in my ear. He picked my up and carried me over to my bed. I tried to get out of his grip but I couldn't. He placed me on my stomach. I tried getting away but he just tightened his grip on me. I have up and stopped fighting. It's not worth it. He loosened his grip on my and started humping me. I shivered in disgust. He moaned in pleasure. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. Ugh. I feel so violated. He slowly started sucking one spot and nibbling a little. He finally stopped and got off of me.

"I'll be back tomorrow." He said then kissed my lips. But when he pulled back he bit my lip then let go. With that he left. I just got under my covers and cried. He broke me. I broke my promise. I promised my self not to let him break me. And now he has. And I let him.

Hey beautifuls! How'd you like the chapter. I honestly don't like it. But that's me. I didn't have an idea. I know I just started writing and I already had no idea what to write. But yeah, I just came up with that. Well, comment your ideas. Like this? Also, click that heart button, it would make me happy c: well. Bye loves

-Johanna <3

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