The Walls Are Breaking

There is a girl who goes by the name Elissa Grimmett. She seems normal to her friends but you see Elissa is very quiet and these "friends" don't really know as much about Elissa as they thought. Elissa's emotional pain has been building up and up and is to the point of bursting. Elissa feels it, but at the same time, does not. She keeps it down and away from everyone, forces a smile, and convinces everyone that she's fine. Elissa has kept her walls up strong and high, and there may be only one person that can get past those walls. But unfortunately it's the one person that Elissa will never let close enough to do so.


3. Prolouge


I felt my heart crumble. I felt it turn to stone and sink into my stomach. I heard his last words in my head, swirling, haunting me. I never loved you, it was a dare. No one will ever love you. I knew from the beginning it was too good to be true. We had been friends since grade 5 and I had a crush on him since then. I knew it couldn't have been real, when he left me for the populars in year 7. I knew it, even when he came back and asked me to be his girlfriend in year 9. I had thought that it would be he and I forever, but it was all a lie. Two years of lies. All for popularity. To see someone he once called his best friend, his girlfriend, walk the halls in shame feeling stupid for actually believing that someone could love her ugly, nerdy self.

Now I lie here in my bed, dry tears and new ones threatening to spill, in the quiet. Alone, with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. My only thoughts are those words swimming in my brain. No one will ever love you. And I believed him.

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