The Walls Are Breaking

There is a girl who goes by the name Elissa Grimmett. She seems normal to her friends but you see Elissa is very quiet and these "friends" don't really know as much about Elissa as they thought. Elissa's emotional pain has been building up and up and is to the point of bursting. Elissa feels it, but at the same time, does not. She keeps it down and away from everyone, forces a smile, and convinces everyone that she's fine. Elissa has kept her walls up strong and high, and there may be only one person that can get past those walls. But unfortunately it's the one person that Elissa will never let close enough to do so.


4. New me


After that day I ignored everyone. My friends, my family. They tried to talk to me, they really did, but I pushed everyone away. I built my walls up high and I told no one about what happened. I kept all my experiences and thoughts secret. I stopped speaking. My grades plummeted but I didn't care. I lost all emotion and I just lived practically without a soul. I was a walking corpse and I thought I'd never go back. Now I think everyone knows what comes with this, bullying. I was bullied left and right but I took the pain and shoved it away. My parents saw how upset I was and decided to leave it all behind. We moved and I started a new school. I saw this as a chance to change. I got rid of everything and bought a new wardrobe and tried to make myself a different person. I convinced almost everyone. But someone wasn't convinced by my charade and they hid it well. I went from ugly and nerdy to drool-worthy and popular, not easy. That summer I let go of everything. I took this new me and embraced it, ready to leave the old me behind. Take a journey with the new me will you? And I'll show you exactly how it happened that summer.

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