The miracle

Regan was a normal 16 year old girl spending to 4th of July with her family. until a giant earthquake hit her home town and she is rescued by a very popular boy band. Also she gets a very surprising news from one of the band members.

( hey guys this is my first Movellas and pease give mine a try it's better than the blurb thank you)



(A/N the earthquake never really happend)

Regan's POV

July 4, 2012

I was spending the 4th of July with my friends and family when the ground starts moving. I completely froze I couldn't move. Then everything became black.

8 hours later

Liam's POV

We where on our way to Portland Oregon to volunteer for the search and rescue team after the 9.2 earthquake. " We made it!!!!" Louis screams as we pull up next to an busted up welcome to Portland sign. We suddenly found a couple of ambulances and people wearing bright orange. We get out and find the head officer.

"Hello we are here to volunteer for the search and rescue team." I speak and shake his hand.

" Ahh yes and you are the boy band correct?" He question returning a smile.

"Yep, now what do we do first?" Niall spoke up shaking his hand as well.

"Put these on and start looking over there." He handed us bright orange vest and we walked to where we were told to go.

"As you can see the earthquake completely destroyed everything. We have had no luck yet but..." I was cut off talking to the camera by Louis screaming. Op

" LIAM!!! LIAM COME OVER HERE WE GOT A SURVIVOR!!!" Louis screams and I run to his sided with the camera closely behind.

" Do you think she is going to be ok?" Harry ask with concern look on his face.

" I don't know but we got to get her to a hospital!" Zayn quickly runs to one of the officers while Niall picks her up and carries her to an ambulance. One of the medics lifts her into a gurney and into the ambulance.

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