Don't Forget Me

Hi , names marina i may seem like a normal 19 year old but really , in way different.


1. So We Meet


Hi , names marina i'm from Canada , never really been a big fan of living in a big town. But i guess you get what you don't like. Now i currently live in California only because its where most of my family is right now. I never really got to make new lady friends nor guy friends, and its getting kind of lonely over here. So to make friends i decided to go to a club . As i walk in i look around for some people to mingle with "no one in here looks really cool" i mumbled , but that's when i spoke to soon when i turned around heading for the door some guy walks through wearing sun glasses , he took them off then i swung myself onto the bar stool hope'ing he would sit next to me. "what am i doing" i thought

he sat down at a table for 2 and looked at the menu , i didn't want to interupt he was probably going to have a fucking date for all i know .... "if i don't  try i will never know .. right?" i thought to myself i walked over to his table and sat down .


"Hello , um hi I-" he cut me off


"Your eyes are going into my soul right now , its kinda turning me on...."


i didn't know what to do he actually said i turned him on. to think about it he turned me on as well.i dont know what to say next maybe i should just order a drink. thats when he took off his glasses.


"zayn?" i mumbled


"yes sweety" he asnwered 


first i cant beleive he heard me second its actually zayn mallik!! my excitement ended when the slutty waitress came and gave him a drink. when she left he looked into my eyes and passed the drink to me . i took a sip knowing it was red wine. 


"So maybe i can give you a ride home?" Zayn asked


my heart skiped a beat not knowing what he just said.i was confused so i just nodded my head yes.

i finished my drink but i felt woozy , im pretty sure i got drunk i just didnt want to make it seem like i am.When i flipped my hair off my shoulder he got up and reached for my  hand. he pulled me to his car. it was about a 2 hour drive away from the club. As soon as we got there he opened the car door and showed me the way to his room.


"You can sleep here if you would like to?"

i was speachless of how big his room was. 


" Y-Yes please" i finally got the word out of me


he then tould me to go sit down , as i walked away you could here him slipping off his shoes and rushing toward me i started to get butterflies. that's when i felt 2 gentle hands wrap around my waste and turned me around his lips touched mine , he put his tounge on my tounge ... i soon started kissing back .


"I wanted to do this since the club" he exclaimed 

i was s shocked he kissed me but it wasn't over , he then pushed me on the bed and jump on top of me he took off his shirt and turned me over just to unzipped my dress . i was then just in my undies and bra . i pushed him off getting off the bed and on my knees i unzipped his pants and there was his fully hard cock i gently spat on it and jerked it off for him i then put it in my mouth and started to suck on it , i then took my underwear off and bra .. he pushed me down on the bed but in doggy style finally sticking his huge cock in my small pussy ..  

"UGHH ZAYN!!" i moaned as he smiled i kept screaming his name 

"oooooo fuck Zayn keep going ugh ugh ... make me cum !!!"

Zayn them slapped my ass cheek leaving a hand print i warned him i was going to cum but he didn't stop i tryd making him pull out but he wouldnt

"Zayn i'm not under birth control!! UGHHHHH!!!!!!" i then realized it was to late we both came .. he came in me , i thought to myself what have i done . i then rolled over and fell alseep

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