Don't Forget Me

Hi , names marina i may seem like a normal 19 year old but really , in way different.


2. I Forgive

Next morning i woke up .. not knowing what happen i started to stretch my arms out until i felt a head on my hand. i then jumped up realizing what had happened. i got out of bed and ran down stairs with only my underwear on, i decided to go ahead and look for food.As i looked i could hear foot steps coming from the stairs , i looked at the living room and there was Zayn , staring at me while smiling


"Good morning pro , i had fun last night" zayn explained while kissing my neck 


"Well you came in me, i might just become pregnant you know that right?" i added


he looked at me all innocent and guilty at the same time he bit his bottom lip as he stared at my breast's, i then bent over the get the eggs from the fridge. That's when i felt him roughly grab my waste and bang it on his crotch. i pulled away trying not to moan. he looked confused and shocked that i didn't want to have sex.

"sorry if i did the wrong thing" he said


i looked away while smiling i placed the eggs on the counter turned around and kissed him on the lips for a good 10 seconds. i then realized maybe he might just be the one for me.i then walked away while taking off my undies and walking out side to the pool, i turned arounf to find Zayn following me while taking off his clothes . I giggled and jumped in he followed as soon as he came up from the water i wraped my legs around him with my pussy touching his dick . i then whispered in his ear 


"i forgive you" while biting the tip of his ear


he looked at me with a desperate face. i then went out of the water and on to the tanning chair layed down and waited for him to come .. when he came closer to me he went down and started licking my vagina . i moaned his name so many times


"Are you ready baby?" he asked


i nodded my head yes while biting my bottom lip. he then stuck it in deeper then u could imagine.i screamed with pain but in the next 2 seconds it felt good i wanted to cum quicker 


"im goi-" he cut me off


"no dont cum till i say so ok bitch!!!??"


i nodded my head while moaning he then grabs my throat and starting chocking me. i couldnt hold it in any longer i just had to explode!


"im going to cummm!!!!!" i screamed


he looked at me with a evil grin on his face. 


"UHHHHHH ........" 


he pulled out then came all over my body , knowing that i would get mad if he came in me again . when he walked away i sat there sweating and in pain i couldn't move it was just so deep in my pussy. i smiled at him and limped to the room.

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