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its my first story so plz no hate im planning on making a second one after i get this stared X) ive read so many amazing ones it gave me inspiration so thanks to all u beautifuls (virtual hug)


3. New Student!

Marcel: well guys im go ahead to math (A/N they have seprate classes they have lunch together) Edward: ok see you later Harry: im gonna go to science bye *they all head off to class first harry* Teacher: ok hey does anybody know if you drilled a hole straight through the earth and jumped in it how long would it take to get to the other side harry ? Harry: um it would take 42 minutes and 12 seconds?

Teacher: wow thats actually correct *A/N just a little fact for you there ;)* (in Edwards class)

Teacher: ok kids tomorrow theres a quiz so pay attention BLAH BLAH *edwards p.o.v hes thinking this part OK * man teach is getting so annoying and im so not ready for a quiz END OF Edwards p.o.v

then i see one of my friends pass me a note* he whispers here take it before the teacher sees *i take it from him and i open it* *it says theres a new girl student here today she might be cute and i give him a does it look like a care look he says to me i just thought you would like to know and then i think hmmm i wonder who it is* (Marcels class)

Teacher: ok class ive graded your quiz that you took yesterday and im gonna hand them out first im gonna introduce you to a new student her name is y/n class say hi to y/n Class: Hi  Y/N: hi everyone (A/N y/n means your name) *marcels thoughts* its that girl from earlier hmmm she looks familiar end of marcels thoughts* Teacher: ok y/n you may sit where you like Bradly: hey hottie you can sit here *y/n gives him a nasty look then she looks by me she sees a free seat so she goes over there and sits by me* y/n: hi  Marcel: hi *i say in a whisper and she sits down* Teacher: ok now im gonna hand out the quizzes i graded oh and Bradly you have detention Bradly: dang it *the teacher hands out the graded quizzes after handing them to everyone else she hands me mine* Teacher: great job Marcel *i look at the paper and what i got on my quiz was an A+ then y/n looks at the paper and whispers*  y/n: wow i could never get that much in math *than i whisper back* Marcel: im sure you could then *then the bell rings time for lunch i think*

Teacher: ok class see you tomorrow * as im walking to the cafeteria Bradly stops me* Bradly: hey nerd i see you got to sit next to the new girl Marcel: Bradly please leave me alone i didnt do anything Bradly: just seeing nerds like you makes me mad *he kicks me and i fall to the ground then i here a voice* ???: hey stop Bradly: oh hey new girl y/n: my names y/n and you dont go around kicking people * i look up and see y/n* Bradly: what you gonna do about it *right them y/n knees him he yelps in pain *  Bradly: your gonna pay for that later *and with that he leaves and y/n kneels down beside me* y/n: are you ok  Marcel: yeah im fine *once i get a closer look at her i recognize her face*

Marcel:its you y/n: what Marcel: junior high dont you remember me? *then she looks closer at me* y/n:oh yeah marcel its been ages *she hugs me* Marcel: its been a while since ive seen you            y/n:yeah Marcel:you changed a litlle bit i didnt recognize you in class today i wonder y/n: yeah i did change a bit any way lets head to lunch Marcel: ok  *in lunch skip getting the food* y/n: ill go grab us a table ok Marcel: ok *then i see Harry and Edward coming towards me* Harry: marcel hey  Marcel:hi  Edward:how was class?  Marcel:it was good i met y/n remember her?  Harry: yeah wait was she that girl you were just with  Marcel: yeah

Edward: she looks kind of different Harry:yeah  Marcel: why dont you guys come sit with us im sure she will be glad to see you guys Edward: ill pass ill see you guys later  Harry: i guess ill sit with you guys *at the table* y/n: Marcel  what took you so long? Marcel: sorry i was talking to Harry and Edward and speaking of harry hes right here he wanted to sit with us to see you y/n:oh hi harry Harry: hey y/n long time no see *they hug then sit down* (your thoughts man its funny how they look so alike but so different if Marcel didnt where the glasses and didnt have the slicked back hair he would look just like harry its funny how Marcel can look different from harry but i think he looks really cute that way end of your thoughts)

Harry: so y/n how you been doing?  y/n: not very good my parents are divorced now and i live with my mom but other then that good i guess  Marcel: oh my y/n im so sorry  y/n:its ok my dad was gonna run off with some other girl anyway *y/ns thoughts ive been trying so had to hide my tears but they just start flowing then Marcel grabs into a hug end of y/ns thoughts*  Marcel: shh its ok *i kiss her forehead and she stops crying i give her napkin to blow her nose* y/n:thanks Harry: im sorry i didnt think it would bring up some bad past Y/n:its ok *after school* (A/N sorry i skipped so much) 

*Harry Edward And Marcel Meet Up* Edward: hey guys Harry: hi Marcel:hey well lets head home *@ Home*    (END)      (A/N sorry if it stunk and please comment if you liked it and on my first chapter i got 8 reads and 1 like thank you so much! any way bye)

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