its you.

its my first story so plz no hate im planning on making a second one after i get this stared X) ive read so many amazing ones it gave me inspiration so thanks to all u beautifuls (virtual hug)


4. At Home.

*this is a chapter for you guys ok its u y/n* y/n:mom im home  y/m:hey honey (A/N just in case you didnt know what y/m means it means your mom) y/n: i'm gonna go ahead and head up stairs  Y/m: ok honey  

*as you head up stairs you go ahead and pull out your cell phone and text Marcel*(A/N you guys exchanged numbers) you text him saying hey *a few secs later he writes back* marcel: hey *you write back saying* y/n: wanna go to the park to catch up some more? you can bring the others  Marcel: sure and ill ask them  y/n: ok we can meet up in 20 minutes is that ok? Marcel: yeah its fine y/n: ok see you in 20 * you look in your closet and put on this* 

(A/N sorry if the pic does not come up on android) *you look at the clock and see you still have 15 minutes so you go ahead and go to the park* ( @ the styles brothers house;) ) Marcel:hey harry you wanna come to the park y/n's gonna be there Harry:oh sure why not Marcel: ok im gonna go ask Edward  Harry: ok *in Edwards room* Marcel:hey Edward wanna come to the park with me and Harry y/n's gonna be there Edward:sure i wanna see how shes doing Marcel: ok well lets go head over there Edward: ok *at the park*

H/E/M: hey y/n  Y/n: hey guys * you hug Harry Edward and Marcel* Y/n: Edward i didnt see you earlier at school Edward: oh i was sitting at a different table Y/n: oh so you thought you were to cool for us? Edward:No! Y/n: ha ha ha im only kidding any way i wanted to play hide and seek her because thats what we played before i left remember? Harry: yeah i remember

Y/n: anyway you guys in i know this is weird XD Marcel:nah its not weird any way Edward is it first! (A/N sorry for the randomness \0-o/) Edward: Hey! oh fine i guess ill be it ill count to 40 1 Harry:lets hide hurry Edward:2 3 4 5 *they all run off you go to the secret place that only you and Harry no about you guys found it about a few months before you left* Y/n: he wont find me here Harry: we both thought of the same place huh? *you jump in surprise*  Y/n:harry you scared me Harry:sorry i didnt mean to alarm you i was thinking when all of us came here today we used to come here all the time and felt like you never left Y/n: yeah all of us kinda grew close together Harry: yeah we missed you and especially Marcel and Edward and Me Y/n: i missed you guys alot to *Harry starts coming towards you* Harry: wanna just talk until he finds marcel :D Y/n: yeah sure :) *then he starts backing you up to a tree* 

Harry: you changed a bit *then he puts his hands on the tree so you cant escape* Harry:you look very beautiful though *you blush then he puts his hands down and sits dow by the pond and you just stand there* Harry: you should have seen have seen your blushing face XD *he starts laughing* Y/n: stop laughing *just listening to him laugh made you laugh then you hear something* Edward:found you Marcel: dang it Harry: wow that didnt take long Y/n: you know marcel is a terrible hider *then you guys head over to where Edward and Marcel is* Y/n: hey we heard that you found marcel Edward: haha yup hes a terrible hider as always Marcel: oh hush Y/n: any way what do you guys want to do now? Harry: how about tag? Edward: sure im in Marcel: me too Y/n: me three  Harry: ok ill be it base is that bi tree over there k? Y/n:ok


*as you guys start running to base you trip and fall on Marcel then he looks into your eyes then you quickly get up and say* Y/N: sorry Marcel: its ok *after playing tag for about 2 hours you guys go home* (END)


(A/N hey guys thanks so much for 17 reads and 2 likes i would still like some comments tomorrow im planning on making my new story like i said in my info and im also gonna do imagines and preferences so you guys comment if you guys want one but write the comment on the imagines story all i need on that is your name and eye color and hair color ok well thanks for reading and sorry for the short and ramdom story bye :)  )

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