You Forgot Me (Cameron Dallas)

Read to find out (Cameron Dallas and One Direction)


4. Chapter 4



Brooke's (POV)


I woke up to nosies in my room but didn't open my eyes I just listened. 'I have an idea.' I think Harry said. 'Lets get some water guns and put ice water in them to wake em up.' he said. 

I heard footsteps leaving then soon came back. 'Alright 1…2…-' before he got a chance to say three I interrupted them. 'I'm going to tell you right now I am NOT a morning person so I suggest you walk away before someone gets hurt.' I warned.

I opened my eyes to see them slowly backing up and Zayn smirking. 'I told you she wasn't a morning person.' he said chuckling. After they left I snuggled up to Cameron and fell back asleep.



I woke up again to the sun shining through my curtains and looked over to find Cam still asleep. I smiled at how cute he was when he sleeps.

I climbed on top of his waist and traced his tattoos with my finger and leaned down to his ear. 'Wake up Cam.' I whispered seductivley in his ear. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled. 'Can you wake me up like this every morning?' he asked. 'I'll think about it.' I said. 

He grabbed me by my waist and flipped us over so he was on top. 'Who ever wakes up first.' he whispered his hot breath hitting my face making shivers run down my spine.

I giggled and pecked his lips making his smile grow wider. 'HEY GUYS YOU WANT TO GO TO OUR BEACH HOUSE WITH US!' Zayn yelled. 'SURE!' I yelled back. Zayn walked in. 'Cameron, you can come to we will be staying there for 2 weeks.' he said. Cam nodded and we both got up.

'OH AND WE LEAVE IN AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!' 'K!' I yelled back. I walked over to my closet and got two big suitcases down.

Soon I felt two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist. 'Happy one month anniversary baby.' his hot breath once again tickling my neck. I smiled as his started to leave sweet wet kisses down my neck. 

'Same to you.' I moaned as he started sucking lightly on my soft spot. 'I'll be back i'm going to go pack.


(Skip all the packing and the ride there)


We finally got unpacked once we got there and it was about 2:30. 'WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH HURRY UP AND COME DOWN!' the boys yelled.

I quickly put on my black strapless bikini and put my hair in a messy bun on my head and walked downstairs to see Cameron on his phone shirtless and in his swim trunks on the couch by the window wall. 

I decided that since the beach is right outside that I wasn't going to put anything over my bikini because I would just get it sandy and I didn't want to put my shoes on. I stood in front of Cameron and he looks up and smiled. 

He grabbed my hands and stood up walking to the front door making me follow. 

We walked out holding hands and there we saw all the boys in the water being idiots. 'You want to go in the water?' Cam asked. 'Do I have a choice?' he shook his head. 

I started walking towards the boys in the water. Cam came up behind me as I was right by the water and we both fell into the water. I came up and jumped on Cams back making us both fall into the water once again.

We came up laughing and then Zayn splashed me with water. 'Oh that's it Malik!' I yelled I started chasing him and we ran all around the beach until I caught him and tackled him to the ground we both fell in the sand laughing like maniacs. 

'I miss this.' Zayn said. I stood up. 'Me to.' 'You want to play a prank on all of the guys?' Zayn asked. 

'No shit sherlock!' I screamed. We both burst out laughing. I went over to Cam and pulled him out of the water. He looked at me confused, I just smiled evilly at him then looked at Zayn. 'OH MY GOD THERE'S A SHARK IN THE WATER!!' we both yelled looking scared.

All the boys came running out screaming and running over each other. Me, Cam, and Zayn all fell down on the sand rolling around laughing. 'You….should….have….seen….your….faces!!' I said in-between laughs.

I stood up and looked at the boys they were sitting in the sand grabbing their hearts panting like dogs. 'Aww, were you guys scared?' I said in a baby voice. 'I….hate….you….both.'  Louis said falling back in the sand.

Oops, I think he fainted. I found a small bucket in the sand and filled it with water. I walked over to Louis and poured the water on top of him. He jolted up instantly. Haha, sucker.


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