You Forgot Me (Cameron Dallas)

Read to find out (Cameron Dallas and One Direction)


3. Chapter 3



Brooke's (POV)


Me and Cameron walked  along the sidewalk and was talking about what we should do tonight. 'We could watch movies and eat junk food.' he suggested. 'We can do that in my room.' I said. He smiled and pulled me closer.

It was already dark out so we finally got to Starbucks and I ordered a Peppermint Mocha and he ordered a regular coffee with a bit of sugar. We went to a park and drank our coffee. 'Remember what tomorrow is?' I asked. 'Our one month anniversary.' I smiled that he remembered. 

We were just laying in the grass looking up at the stars. 'They're so beautiful.' I said. 


Cameron's (POV)


'They're so beautiful.' she said looking at the sky. I looked over to her and kissed her cheek. 'Not as beautiful as you.' I whispered in her ear. She giggled and looked over at me. Our faces were centimeters apart.

'And your sweet.' she whispered. I leaned in and kissed her. I smiled into the kiss and so did she. Our lips moved in sync as I pulled her closer by her waist till she was laying on top of me with her hands in my hair. We stayed like that for another 3 minutes until she broke it to catch her breath. 

I smiled at her and she smiled back. I kissed her nose which made her giggle. 'You want to head home.' she asked. I nodded and we both got up and started walking back.

We finally made it back and walked upstairs to get into something more comfortable. She dressed in my shirt and a pair of shorts while I stayed in my boxers. 

She put in paranormal activity and we both got under the covers. I pulled her close and she curled up next to me. She started to get bored with the movie so she went to get some drinks.

While she was downstairs Zayn came into the room. 'Hey Zayn whats up.' I said. He looked around the room studying it. 'Nothing I just wanted to talk to you.' he said leaning against the doorway. I nodded and already knew where this would be headed. The 'If you hurt my sister I'll chop you balls off' kinda talk.

'So I just wanted to tell you to take care of her. I don't want her getting hurt again.' he said. 'Again?' I asked. 

'Yeah, she used to have a boyfriend that cheated on her, it hurt her so bad that she cut once. It hurt to see my baby sister in so much pain, I just don't want that to happen again.' he said looking serious. 

I sat there with my eyes wide open and my mouth hung open. 'I promise you I would never do anything like that, I could never hurt her.' I said and meant every single word of it.

He smiled and walked out to his own bedroom I guess. Brooke walked back in with two bottles of Dr. Pepper. She handed me mine and I said thanks. 

When she did that I caught a glimpse of her wrist and saw the deep scar. She got back under the covers and we continued to watch the movie.

The movie finally ended and me and Brooke were listening to 'Fall for You' in the background while I was rubbing circles on the back of her hand with her head laying on my shoulder. 

I decided I should talk to her about this. I gently grabbed her wrist and kissed the scar softly. She looked up watching me. I cupped her cheek and whispered while looking deeply into her eyes. 'Please don't do it again.' 

She let a tear fall and looked down. 'I was going to tell you I just didn't know how.' she whispered where I could barley hear. 

'I'm not mad, I just don't want it to happen again.' I said kissing her for head. She snuggled into my chest while I hugged her close. 'I love you Brooke.' I whispered. I really did but I was afraid she didn't love me back. 

She looked up and stared at me for a second before crashing her lips onto mine. I kissed back and she smiled as she pulled back. I rested my for head on hers and she said 5 little words that made me the happiest guy ever. 'I love you to Cameron.'



Sorry of this is a little short but I promise the next one will be longer I just was distracted and I had a bit of writers block love you my furry little wolves BYE!!





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