You Forgot Me (Cameron Dallas)

Read to find out (Cameron Dallas and One Direction)


2. Chapter 2



Brooke's (POV)


Me and Cameron were laying in my bed in my room listening to 'Sleepwalking' by Bring Me The Horizon and talking.

(Her bedroom)

'We could just have a lazy day then tonight go out and have some fun.' Cam said. I smiled and sat on his lap. 'Sounds good to me.' I whispered leaning in and kissing him. He held my waist and pulled me closer while my hands played with his soft brown shaggy hair.

He started tickling me I laughed and broke the kiss. 'Cam-stop-it-it-tickles!' I managed to say. I got up and ran down the stairs with Cameron on my tail and we ran into the living room where her caught me and I saw a person I never wanted to see and his fucking band mates.

Zayn's (POV)


Me and the lads are staying at my place for a while because we have a very very long break and I want to see my family since last time we spent it at Harrys were doing it here this time. We walked in and the car wasn't there so I used my key to get in and we sat on the couch it was quiet so we waited till they came home I can't wait to see Brooke.

The last time the guys saw her was when I first auditioned. She came running down with a boy trying to catch her and he caught her then they stopped when they saw us and all of our jaws dropped. She had tattoo's, piercings, red and black hair, and she wore a bunch of eyeliner and mascara. She wore this:

She also didn't look very happy to see me. After a moment I noticed the guy and he was Cameron fucking Dallas.


Brooke's (POV)


I was shocked that he was there but also really angry. 'What the hell are you doing here!?' I spat at them. Zayn looked hurt but regained himself. 'Brooke, where's mum?' he asked. 'At work. Now answer the question.' I almost yelled. 

'Were on break so we are staying her for a while.' he said. 'I don't want you here!' I yelled. 'Why not?' he asked.

'Oh, I don't know does 'I promise I will call every day and keep in contact with you' ring a bell!' I yelled this time. Cameron tried to calm me down and it worked a little I wasn't as tense. 

He stood there thinking for a minute before realizing what he said to me. 'Brooke i'm so sorry I have just been really busy lately.' he franticly said. 'For 3 fucking years? I don't think so.'

Just then mum came through the door. 'Hi sweety.' she said then looked up to realize that the boys were there. She dropped her stuff and ran over to them hugging them tightly. 'What are you guys doing here?' she asked. 

'Were on break and we wanted to stay here.' Zayn said. 'Of course stay as long as you need, oh hey Cameron i'm glad your here.' she smiled at Cameron.

We walked into the kitchen and me and Cameron helped my mum unpack the groceries. 'Oh Brooke, here are your cigarettes.' she said and threw them to me. I only smoke when i'm under stress so does Cameron.

I grabbed it and a lighter out of the drawer. 'Honey, you know the rules. Outside only.' she said stern. 'I know mum.' Zayn stared at me shocked as I walked out the patio door with Cam following.

I took one out and lit it and so did Cam. He came over to me and wrapped an arm around me. 'You ok?' he asked. I shook my head. 'He should know what he did. He's the reason I changed who I am.' I said blowing out the smoke.

Soon enough Zayn came walking out. 'Brooke I want to know what happened to you?' Zayn asked. Cameron put out his cigarette and said he will leave us alone. He walked inside and talked to my mum.

I stood up so now I was facing him. 'You want to know what happened to me? YOU!' I said loud and clear. 'Oh so Cameron didn't have anything to do with this?' That got me really mad and I slapped him. 'No, he's sweet and caring. I changed cause you never kept your promise and I was sick of being compared to you. How you were the famous one and how you are SO popular. Mum is fine with Cameron and is fine with me as I am.'

'What about the smoking?' he asked. 'I got that from you. You said in an interview that you smoke to relieve stress and that's what I do.' I said puffing out another puff of smoke. 'You watch those?' 'Of course I do I might hate you for what you did but that doesn't mean that I don't care about your dream your living.' I put the light out of my cigarette and looked at him. 

'Brookie i'm so sorry if there's anything I can do please just name it.' he begged. I sighed. 'Except me for me and my life choices and let's go back to annoying each other and being silly.' I said and he nodded.

He hugged me and we walked back in smiling. 'I'm guessing you two made up?' Louis asked and we nodded. I sat down in a chair and Cameron came up behind me and hugged me. 'See I told you things would get better.' he whispered. I nodded. 'You still want to go out? We could get Starbucks and cuddle when we get back.' he whispered so on;y I could hear that last part.

'Mum can me and Cameron go to Starbucks we'll come home in a little while?' I asked. She smiled and nodded. I got up and we went up stairs to get my beanie and shoes.

'SEE YOU LATER GUYS BYE MUM!' I yelled and walked out with Cam holding my hand. 

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