You Forgot Me (Cameron Dallas)

Read to find out (Cameron Dallas and One Direction)


1. Chapter 1



My names Brooke i'm 19 and my brother is Zayn Malik, who which I hate. When he auditioned for X-factor he left promising to always keep in contact with me and call me everyday. It's been 3 years and not once has he called or even talk to me.

I used to be the good girl who gets good grades but that all changed, my brother changed me.

I have a tattoo sleeve on one arm then half a tattoo sleeve on the other. I have some on my stomach and my fingers. I have a eyebrow piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, and belly button. My mother says that if this is what I want to be then I can because I'm just expressing myself. I love my mum and am happy that she accepts me for who I want to be:

I also just started dating Cameron Dallas he is so sweet and caring towards me:


Well thats all there is to me except that I also have brown eyes and red and black hair.












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