Unknown Daughter

Sky Anthony had a marvelous life. She was gorgeous, she was popular, and she had the perfect boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Harry Styles. Harry had to leave for the X-Factor. Sky and Harry do "it" 2 days before he leaves for the x-Factor. The next day Harry breaks up with Sky. Sky finds out she is pregnant. When Harry sees Sky again will he recognize her? What will happen? Will Harry find out about his daughter?

A/N Rated R


2. The Break Up

Sky's POV 

Now I'm back at my house. I was sitting on my bed doing my homework. Then my phone rings. It's harry! I answer the phone.

     "Hello?" i said.

     "Sky, I need to talk to you. It's very important. Meet me at the school parking lot." Harry said.

     "Okay right now?"

      "YES right now."

      "Okay Harry i'll be there in 10 minutes." I said. I hung up the phone. I stood up from my purple bed and walked over to my closet. I pulled out pink short shorts and a black cropped top. I took off my sweat pants and baggy shirt. And slipped on my outfit. To finish i slipped on my green Vans. quickly I braided my black hair.

       I ran downstairs with my phone. Went into the kitchen and grabbed the keys to my dad's navy blue Porsche. I just got my drivers licenses a month ago. I ran into the garage and pushed the button to open the garage door. The driver's door swung open cuz I pulled it open. I slid into the marvelous car. Safety first, I slid on my seat belt. The engine roared as I turned the key. I backed out of the garage and down the steep driveway. 

***** Skip Car Ride******

      I turned off the Porsche and stepped out. I ran over to Harry who was on a bench. I sat next to him on the bench.

     "Harry what did you need to talk about?" I asked.

     "I know you are going to think I'm a dick, but you know how i'm going to The X-Factor, right?" Harry says.

      "Yeah I know you are leaving tomorrow. So?" I started to get nervous. Harry turned toward me. I couldn't help myself I stared into his green eyes.

        "Sky, I think we should break up." Harry said. What the fuck! I was speechless. "Sky say something please." My gaze left his eyes. I was so angry.

        "Fine you want me to talk. I'm talking! First of all you make me love you and you were my first kiss! Plus you took my virginity just last night!" I screamed trying to hold back the tears.

        "I kno...." Harry trys to say but I cut him off.

         "I hope you have a marvelous life Harry fucking Styles!" I bellow as I stand up. I started to walk toward my car but Harry grabs my wrist.

          "Please Sky you need to understand." Harry pleaded.

          "Understand what? all my friends were right about you, you are just a player." I retorted. Luckily, I slipped my wrist free. Before Harry could grab my wrist again I jumped into my car. I turned on the car. Thats when the tears started to fall. I was still in park. Next thing I now Harry was at my window.

          "Please Sky, I didn't want to hurt you!"

          "Its to late now isn't Harry. Go fuck yourself Harry!" I bellowed. I put the car in drive and left. School was only like 5 minutes from my house but I pulled into the store parking lot. The tears were still running down my cheeks. I turned off the car. I remember I left my purse in here from yesterday. My hand gripped it and pulled it onto my lap. I looked through it for my wallet. Finally I found it. Inside was my license, a credit card, and $100 in cash. I put my wallet back into my purse and pulled down the visor. I looked at my self in the mirror. Around my eyes was red cuz i was crying. I pulled out my make-up  kit. I tried to cover up the red. Pushed the visor back up and got ou tofthe car.

       I went to the ice cream aisle, i was stuck between 2 flavors. Chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies and cream. I chose cookies and cream. Suddenly my phone went off with a *tweet*tweet* I pulled out my phone from my pocket. It was Bay my best friend.

Bay: Where are you?

Me: At the store. Why?

Bay: Can you get some pregnancy tests?

Me: Yeah but why?

Bay: I did it with Matt last week. I just want to make sure.

Me: Cool.

Bay: Come to my house when you get them.


    Just so you know Matt is Bay's boyfriend and Harry's best friend. I got the tests and bought the ice cream and the tests.

****Now at Bay's House****

     I knocked on Bay's door. About a minute later the door swung open.

    "Sky it's good to see you! Come on in!" Bay's little brother, Carter said. Carter is 14 and has a crush on me. "Bay is upstairs in her room. She said to send you up when you got here."

     "Okay, thanks Carter, see you later." I ran upstairs and knocked on Bay's door. I walked in and held up the bag with the ice cream and tests in it.

       "Sky why ice cream?" Bay asked. The tears started to fall down my cheeks again. 70% of your body is made of water but I'm pretty sure I'm down to 30%.

          "Har.......ry........broke.......up........with......me," I managed to get out in between sobs. Bay opened her arms signally that she would give me a hug and I took it."Bay last night me and Harry." I couldn't say the words I wanted to.

         "Sky what did you and Harry do?" Bay asked.

          "We had sex. Then at like 10 this morning he called me. He said that he wanted to talk so I went to go meet him. Then he broke up with me. At least I don;t have to see him because he is going to the X-Factor tomorrow."

          "Well off that subject. Let me test to see if I'm pregnant." I puled out 2 tests for her.

******** After about 5 minutes************

        Bay had been in her bathroom for a long time. Then she came running out.

       "Sky! I'm not pregnant!" She was happy which was good.

      "Well my dad is going to want his car back soon. So I got to go."

       "Okay see you later. I'll text you" I smiled and walked out with the unused tests and ice cream. Back to my car I go.



Hey hope you like the story. I know I'm not the best at these but i'm trying to get better. Please tell people about my story.

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