Unknown Daughter

Sky Anthony had a marvelous life. She was gorgeous, she was popular, and she had the perfect boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Harry Styles. Harry had to leave for the X-Factor. Sky and Harry do "it" 2 days before he leaves for the x-Factor. The next day Harry breaks up with Sky. Sky finds out she is pregnant. When Harry sees Sky again will he recognize her? What will happen? Will Harry find out about his daughter?

A/N Rated R


5. The Baby!

Sky's POV

******* 1 month later*********

        Today is April 7th, 2011, and plus today is the baby's due date. I was sitting on the couch watching Ellen. I didn't know who she was having as a guest. Ellen:

         Now my next guests are huge with the ladies. One Direction!

    Just great, I had to see Harry. Ellen:

      So boys back in England do you have any special girl? For you Niall in Ireland?

     Zayn: A gentleman never tells.

     Liam: Maybe

     Niall: None

    Louis: Yes

    Harry: Just 1

     Wow Harry. Suddenly i reached down and it was wet. SHIT! The baby is coming! 

      "MOM! IT'S HAPPENING!" I screamed. My mom was in the kitchen.

       "What honey?" god damn you mom.

        "THE GOD DAMN BABY!"  I screamed. My mom ran out into the living room where I was. She helped me stand up. Mom grabbed my purse and hers. My mom drove a mini-van. She helped me in the van. Mom called dad and Bay to tell them.

**** At the hospital******

      "I need a doctor! My daughters in labor!" my mom screamed. Then a contraction happened.

       "HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT!" I screeched because of the pain. The time was around 11:00A.M.

***** 12 hours later**********

       The baby was finally out. I was so happy. The doctor came back in. He had a nurse right next to him holding my child.

         "Sky meet your healthy and beautiful baby girl." A GIRL!! YAY!!

          "Sky what are you going to name her?" Bay asked. The nurse handed me my daughter.

           "Aria. Aria Sage Anthony." I said with Aria in my arms.

            "That is a marvelous name." that was my dad. Mom couldn't say any thing because she was busy crying. Aria had Harry's gorgeous green eyes. I can't believe it. Soon everyone left my room so I could be alone with Aria.

          "Aria, you wont meet your father. I will tell you now who he is. His name is Harry Styles. You have his green eyes. Aria Sage Styles. Your last name should be Styles, but for now it will be Anthony. I love you Aria." I said to my daughter. Everyone came back in the room. 

           "Sky can I hold Aria?" Bay asked. I nodded and she came to pick her up.

********** 3 days later**********

         I was finally able to take Aria home. When I got home there were a lot of presents. Most of  it was clothing and toys. My parents put Aria's crib in my room.  They also bought another dresser for Aria's clothes. After I had packed all the clothes into the dresser, I changed into pjs. Then I put Aria in her crib. Off to bed.  

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