Unknown Daughter

Sky Anthony had a marvelous life. She was gorgeous, she was popular, and she had the perfect boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Harry Styles. Harry had to leave for the X-Factor. Sky and Harry do "it" 2 days before he leaves for the x-Factor. The next day Harry breaks up with Sky. Sky finds out she is pregnant. When Harry sees Sky again will he recognize her? What will happen? Will Harry find out about his daughter?

A/N Rated R


19. Party Over?

Sky's POV

     It was the last song. It was a slow song. Harry was holding Aria while rocking back and forth. Aria was asleep. Soon the reception was over.     

        "Where should I put Aria?" Harry asked.

        "Follow me" I say. Before I stood up I took off my high heels cuz they hurt my feet so much. I stood up. We headed toward my hotel room.

***Hotel Room********

        I changed Aria from her dress to pjs. Harry put Aria in my bed. Because I got a room with 1 bed. Me and Aria are sharing.

         "Thanks Harry" I say. But instead of responding with words he kissed me. I didn't reject. Our lips soon moved in sync.

           "Harry, Aria is right there" I say against his lips.

           "Do you want to come to my room. It's quite nice. PLus the bed is nice and large" Harry said. I giggled. Harry picked me up and carried me to his room. When we entered the room Harry set me on the bed. He then pulled off his black shoes and next his tie and jacket. He started to slowly unbutton his white shirt.

            "Harry come on!" I scream. Harry laughs. He quickly pulls off his shirt off. Next he gently pushed me down on the bed while crawling on top of me. We started to kiss again. Harry started to unzip my dress. He pulled it down and off of me. Harry started to kiss my neck while I let out little moans.

           "Sky I love you so much." Harry Said while kissing my neck.

            "I love you too Harry." I said. Harry started to take off my strapless black bra. I pulled off Harry's pants. Harry started to kiss lower and lower. Soon he was at my belly button. Then he moved back upto my lips. While Harry kissed me he pulled down my black panties. Then I pulled down his Calvin Klein boxers.

            "Stop. Harry use protection. We don't need another surprise." I say. Harry then reachs into the nightstand and pulls out a condom. I helped him put it on. Harry kissed me again. My hands traveled up and down his back. Harry's hands on my hips. Soon Harry slid into me. Our lips disconnected. He started to thrust in and out of me. We both moaned extremely loud. He thrusted faster and faster. We were both about to reach our climax. After a few more thrusts we both came. Harry pulled out and collapsed next to me. That was awesome. i turned to look at Harry. We were both smiling. Harry wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. There I lay with my first love. And there I fell asleep.


Harry's POV

     WOW! Sky and I just had amazing sex. She was now asleep in my arms. But then I remembered Aria our daughter. There was a smaller bed in my room just in case one of the lads came. So i decided to go get Aria and all of their stuff and bring it here so it was like we were a real family staying in 1 room. I very carefully got out of the bed. Quickly I slipped on a pair of sweatpants and a zip up sweatshirt. I went to Sky's room and walked in. Aria was still asleep. So i packed all their stuff up and quickly carried them back to my room. I went back to get Aria. I gently picked her up. She some what woke up. Her eyes were barely open.

        "Daddy?" Aria said. She called me daddy!!

         "Yeah it's me honey." I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I held her. Aria set her head on my shoulder as I carried her to my room. I set her in the bed and kissed her forehead.

          "Goodnight daddy" Aria said.

           "Goodnight cupcake" I said. I took off my sweatshirt. Then slid back into the big bed with Sky. I wrapped my arms around her. She snuggled into me. I kissed her cheek. Then I went to sleep with the love of my life in my arms and my daughter in the bed that is in the same room as me. It was the best night of my life.



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