Unknown Daughter

Sky Anthony had a marvelous life. She was gorgeous, she was popular, and she had the perfect boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Harry Styles. Harry had to leave for the X-Factor. Sky and Harry do "it" 2 days before he leaves for the x-Factor. The next day Harry breaks up with Sky. Sky finds out she is pregnant. When Harry sees Sky again will he recognize her? What will happen? Will Harry find out about his daughter?

A/N Rated R


13. Harry Talking To Alex

Harry's POV

             Sky left so quickly. I stood up and walked over to Alex.

             "Hey Alex." I say. He looks confused.

             "OMG! You are Harry Styles!" the redhead girl with Alex yelped. I covered her mouth.

              "Shhh." I say. She nods. "Alex can we talk alone?"

              "Sure." he replied. The girl walked off. "So what do you want?"

              "Help Sky with Aria. Aria is your daughter and she needs a father."

               "What are you talking about?"

                 "Aria Anthony, Sky's daughter and yours."

                 "Aria isn't my daughter."

                 "Then who is?"

                 "Sky said it was this guy from England."

                "Sorry about the mix up."

                 "No problem." I walked away. The only thing I can think about is if Aria is mine or a random guy. Aria couldn't be mine. Sky would have told me about her.

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