Unknown Daughter

Sky Anthony had a marvelous life. She was gorgeous, she was popular, and she had the perfect boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Harry Styles. Harry had to leave for the X-Factor. Sky and Harry do "it" 2 days before he leaves for the x-Factor. The next day Harry breaks up with Sky. Sky finds out she is pregnant. When Harry sees Sky again will he recognize her? What will happen? Will Harry find out about his daughter?

A/N Rated R


20. Back Together?

Sky's POV

        I woke up. Somone's arms were wrapped around me. I saw Aria sleeping in a small bed in the corner. Where was I? Then I remembered the steamy night Harry and I had. But why and how was Aria here? I turned around so I was facing Harry. His eyes fluttered open.

          "Good morning beautiful." Harry said. He then kissed my cheek.

           "How did Aria get here?" I asked.

            "I carried her here. She couldn't stay in a hotel room by herself." Harry said. Next thing I know Aria jumped on the bed. She came up to me and Harry. We spread apart so Aria could sit between us. 

            "Hi Mommy and Daddy!" Aria said. Wait did Aria just call Harry daddy?

             "Hi sweetheart." Harry said. when did Harry and Aria get so close? I looked under the covers of the bed to see I was in Harry's sweatpants and my tank top. How did I get in this? There was a knock at the door. Harry got up and he was wearing sweatpants but no shirt. Harry was still in shape. All I could hear was mumbles. Next thing I know Jasmine walks in and Harry shuts the door behind her.

             "Jasmine what are you doing here?" I asked.

             "I came to get a picture with Harry and maybe his autograph." Jasmine said a little snobby.

              "No problem just let me put on a shirt." Harry said.

             "Wait, you don't have to put a shirt on for the picture." Jasmine said. She wanted a picture with Harry shirtless. That was not happening while I was in the room.

             "I would be more comfortable in a shirt." Harry said. Jasmine nodded. Harry slipped on a white shirt. Jasmine pulled out her iPhone and digital camera plus her iPod. How many electronics does she have? After they took a picture together on everyone of her electronics she got his autograph. Jasmine just didn't want to leave. She tried to have a conversation with Harry. I wasn't going to sit around and watch/listen to them talk. So shower time! I stood up and walked over to Harry.

              "Harry I'm going to take a shower" I said. harry nodded. I twirled in a circle looking for the bathroom. "Now if you would kindly guide me to the bathroom." I said to Harry.

               "Go tot he big bed then turn right. It should be right there." Harry said.

               "Thanks" I say. I walked to the bathroom.

*********After shower**********

        I got out and dried off. I put the towel around my body. I forgot clothes. Me being the idiot I am. So I walked out. No Jasmine! I started to walk over to my suitcase.

         "How was your shower?" A voice said. That scared the crap out of me. I jump. Then turn around to see Harry.

          "Good. Jasmine left?" I said.

           "Yeah I told her I had stuff to do." Harry said smiling. What does that mean if he is smiling?

           "Oh cool." I say. I walk over to my suitcase. I choose to wear my shirt that has a minion on it from Despicable Me and black skinny jeans. i got dressed in the bathroom. When i came out Harry was also in black skinny jeans and a KISS t shirt. 

             "When are you going back to America?" Harry asked which was not something I thought he would ask.

              "Today at 4 pm." I say. He frowns.

                "I will go with you!" Harry said.

                 "Um" I didn't have any words. Should he come or not? Suddenly Harry starts to pack his stuff without an answer from me. Aria was watching cartoons on the TV. So I packed my stuff. The when I was about to pack Aria's stuff I see it's already packed.

               "I just thought I would help" Harry said. He must of packed her stuff.

               "Thanks" I say. He gives me a nod.

***********Back in New York*******

      I was at home with Aria. Aria was up in her room sleeping cuz it was a long flight. I was on the coach when there was a knock at the door. So i stood up and walked over to the front door. I swung open the door to see Harry.

         "What do you want?" I said. Harry didn't respond he just kissed me.

          "Sky will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked. I didn't know what to do. What am I suppose to do? I still love him.

               "Sure" thats all I could say. Harry kissed me again and this time i kissed back.

             "Here" Harry said holding up his airplane necklace. "For you"

               "Could you help me?" I said. I suck at putting necklaces on by myself.

               "Of course love" Harry said. I pulled my hair to the side while Harry put the necklace on me. 

                "Daddy!" I heard Aria yell. Next thing I know she is in Harry's arms.

               "How is my big girl?" Harry said.

                "I'm good" Aria said. Harry stayed for the rest of the evening. He had put Aria to bed. Zoey wasn't here which was weird. Harry left to go back to his hotel.



   Sorry it took so long to update. 

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