Because Of Tattoos And Piercings

This is a Liam fan fiction. The boys are not famous in this one and it is a punk version of the boys. Their personalities are the same yet different.

Sneak peek

As we pulled away, my lips were burning with the flavor of his kiss.

"I love you." My heart stopped.

That was the first time he has ever said he loved me.

"I. I. I love you too." I managed to breath out those simple yet powerful words.

Hope you guys will like it.


1. Here We Go

"Oh my god! Did you see those seniors?" My best friend Brooke whispered into my ear in an amused tone.

"I think the one with his eyebrow pierced was staring at you Machell." My other best friend Ellana stated.

"Shut up you two!"I said in a sarcastic tone with a hint of annoyance. "You guys are going to cause a scene and then make it to where we will never be able to talk to them!" I said as I swatted at the two girls playfully.

Just then the lunch bell rang signaling that we had five minutes to get to class. Since it was only the second week of school I have yet to memorize where my classes were.

"Why did they have to change the damn numbers for the class rooms?" I mumbled to myself as I glanced at my schedule then started to walk around looking for my fifth period class.

"Need some help?" I heard a guys voice come from behind me and when I turned around I saw the boy with his eyebrow pierced.

"Umm yeah. Do you know where is Mrs. Jastor's room?" My voice came out a lot more quiet than I had expected it to.

He let out a slight chuckle before answering my question. "Yeah that's my next class."

"Really? I haven't seen you in there. Yet again I am always late trying to remember where the damn room is." I laugh at how blonde I can be at times.

"My name is Liam by the way." The boys voice intruded in on my thoughts.

"Machell." I simply said in return before we both headed off to out shared class.

The entire time I was in class I kept feeling Liam's eyes on me but whenever I would look over at him he would look at the paper sitting on his desk. Once the bell rang I was relieved due to the fact that I could finally escape the stares that Liam was giving me and also because I was a teachers aid sixth period which pretty much meant I could just sit in the library and read. There is nothing in the world that I love more than reading. I picked a book that looked interesting. It was called Wanderlove. I got so into the book that I lost track of time and nearly jumped out of my skin when the bell for seventh period rang.

I looked at my schedule to be reminded that my seventh period was gym. Great! Just what I always wanted. At least I can go straight home and shower. Well I know exactly where my last three classes are for sure now.

An I got into the locker rooms, I got shoved against the lockers.

"Well if it isn't little miss princess. I saw you flirting with Liam. You better back off Hun! He is mine and he wouldn't be interested in a perfect little priss like you!" With that she let go and stomped out of the locker room making sure the heels of her boots tapped against the cement.

"What the hell was that all about?" He girl right next to me asked.

"Honestly I have no idea." I said as I mentally asked myself the same question.

"Well she mentioned Liam. They have had a thing for the past year but she won't listen to anyone when we say that he doesn't really like her. He is just using her for sex." Another girl a few lockers down said.

I didn't say anything in reply. I just got my gym clothes on and out my hair up in a pony tail before walking out into the gym. The entire class period, I was too concerned with what the girl said in the locker room to even pay attention to what my instructor was telling is to do. We were playing soccer and I wasn't paying attention so I got hit in the stomach with the ball.

The instructor let me step out of the game but the period was almost over. I rushed with getting dressed in my clothes that I wore that day and I sprayed my perfume then fixed my hair before I headed out. I walked straight out to my Honda Accord and sat in the drivers seat waiting for Ellana to get here. When she finally did, she was crying.

"What happened?" I asked her.

"Logan." She sniffled.

"What about him?" I questioned as I started to pull out of the parking lot.

"Nothing." One thing I know about Ellana, is that when she says nothing you better not pester her to get what you want because she won't give.

"Okay whenever you are ready." I said before I turned on the radio and began driving home while singing to the music coming through the speakers.

When I pulled into the driveway of my aunts house, Ellana quickly got out of the car and ran inside. I hastily followed and threw my stuff on the floor of my room before walking over to her door and walking in.

"Okay I get it if you don't want I talk about it but I have never seen you this upset over a guy. Even Mathew." I said and made her cringe and the name of her ex.

She just looked down and told me to leave her alone. I did as I was told and went back into my room. I got on my phone because I had a notification for Facebook and noticed that I had a friend request from Liam. I decided to accept it and the second I did he messaged me.

"What was the assignment for fifth period?" He asked.

"Well if you would have payed attention you would know!" I responded back.

His question reminded me that I had a bunch of homework to do. The first thing I was going to tackle was bio-chemistry. I hate science so much. But I needed to pass that class to get the job that I wanted.

After a few hours of doing homework, there was a knock on my bedroom door. I almost didn't hear it over the sound of the music coming from my earbuds.

"Come in." I said as I looked back down at my science book.

"I am making spaghetti for dinner. And what is wrong with Ellana? She hasn't come out of her room at all and I hear her crying. She won't open her door though." The sound of worrisome was clear in my aunts voice.

"I don't know Melissa. She won't talk to me. And spaghetti sounds fine." I responded with the absolute truth.

"Okay. Well I am going to try and get her to eat. I have to go to work extremely early tomorrow so make sure you lock the door on your way to school and can you pick some things up at the store on your way home?" My aunt politely asked. “If not I understand."

"Of course. Can you write a list and tape it to the door?" I asked.

She nodded and closed my bedroom door and let me finish my homework. It didn't take that long since I was almost done with my science and I only had to right a quick response for English.

"Dinner!" My aunt bellowed from the kitchen.

I ran out of my room and into the dining room. I hadn't eaten all day and I was extremely hungry.

"Ellana Hun! Are you coming?" Melissa said as she knocked on Ellana's door.

I heard mumbling then footsteps. My aunt walked back into the dining room alone and said Ellana was going to bed.

"Aunt Melissa? Can I ask you something?" I asked as she sat down in an empty chair across from me.

She mumbled a "mm hmm" as she put a bite of food into her mouth.

"Why were you willing to take me and Ellana in when her Papa died?" I asked. I had never managed to ask this question because it was always a sensitive subject for both me and Ellana.

"Well you are like a daughter to me and so is Ellana and you girls would have no where to go and I have always wanted kids of my own and couldn't have them, I got you two. I wouldn't trade you two girls for the world." She said after she swallowed her mouthful of spaghetti and wiped her mouth with her napkin.

I just nodded my head and continued eating. Once finished, I did my dishes and went back into my room to finish my homework. After about an hour and half I finished the rest of my work and took a look at the time. It was only eight. I decided to go back on Facebook to see if I had any more messages from the boy with the tattoos.

"I'm sorry. There was just this blonde girl that looked so pretty while she was paying attention to the teacher." The message was from Liam.

"Look I get it. You are a man whore and I am just another piece to your pathetic board game of sex and that's why you're flirting but I don't want to play. Why don't you start flirting with that one dumb brunette that decided to shove me into the locker?" I responded back. He has a way of wording his sentences to make him look innocent but I know better.

I turned off my phone and put it on the charger so I know that it would be fully charged for the next day of school. I decided to grab a book from my bookshelf and get sucked into the romance between an eighteen year old girl and a twenty year old man having a college fling. I was knocked out of a day dream about giggling college girls gawking over a group of college guys when someone heavily slammed their fist to my door.

"I'm coming!" I shouted when the intruder began rapping their fist against the wood.

I hopped across the cold tile with my bare feet to the door. As I reached my hand out to grab the handle of the door, someone had already opened it.


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