If I'm Gonna Die Young...

Sometimes things happen to good people, is that life? When Austen falls in love some unpleasant things slip behind her and she's not sure how
to handle them... But the weird thing is when something happens to her family they realize it's all a joke, someone's setting it all up. Who is it? Could it be her true love? Could it be her family? Or is it just someone she doesn't know?


8. I Spot the Murderer

My adrenaline was so noticeable it was practically my aroma. You could smell it coming from me. I rummaged through any possible sign in my tiny apartment of a house of a murderer. I can't believe someone would do this! They must have something on my parents or maybe it's like in the movies when there's something my parents are hiding. My brother ,Mason, is older than me and the state law says that since he'll turn 18 in 2 months then he can have authority over me as long as we live at least 30 miles from our Grandparents. They say my dad's murderer was actually just a suicide in conclusion to the recent loss of my mother, but my father and mother just happen to both be dead in a one month period and it just happens to be a suicidal death isn't my type of logic. Something's fishy around here. 

I paced back and forth thinking of anything with clues. I've looked everywhere for any type f weapon and the only one found was by the police in my father's hand (because the murderer obviously wanted the scene to be set up as a suicidal event when it wasn't).

My father never believed in that kind of stuff and would never do that. He did love my mother every much but after all they actually had been divorced once and I never really mention it to myself till now. I thought again of any type of sign. I could check for fingerprints but I didn't have that type of technology. Then I thought of the "geek squad" at our school ,or at least that's what they call themselves. They were on the school website so I got their number and called about 3 times until they finally answered. 

"Hello?" a nerdy high voice came from the other line. 

"Hi," I started, "is this Lake Side High Schools geek squad?"

I heard a snicker and some giggles in the back ground and the boy with the phone passed it to another guy and this guys seemed as if he had braces cause he smacked a lot and finally spoke from a dead silence. "How may I help you?" I heard yet another snicker. What have I gotten myself into?

I was wondering if you guys had any... um... like fingerprint finding equipment?" I sighed in my lack of knowledge. 

I heard a burst of laughing come from the phone and the guy answered me with a, "Sure we do... It's gonna cost you though." I could feel him smirking with his buddies.

"How much?" I questioned because at this rate it meant nothing to me.

"I want a date." the nerd said with a chuckle behind the comment.

"I'm no dating you." I put that clearly out there. "I have a boyfriend." 

I heard a 'Ugh!',a sigh, and a 'she's no fun!' some from the pack of dweebs. "Then I'll date your friend." he mentioned.

"Fine," I said not mentioning Amber because there's no way I'm that kind of a friend after all that she's going through right now. "You have a date with Courtney Waters." I smiled at myself, the 'hottest' girl in school they'll be dying to go on a date with.

Courtney Waters was the 'prissy and popular' girl in the school along with her passe (Paige Williams and Tressa Garver). She has long blonde hair that is always curled or up in a bun that looks like it took her ages to do. Then she wheres so much makeup it makes her look like a oompaloompa. She's always in shorts/skirts that are only about a inch long and wears shirts that show her belly when she stretches in class. 

"Absolutely! You got yourself a deal!" he yipped and ended the phone call probably forgetting to ask for my address but just following where my phone is. 

It was about 20 minutes later when the nerds pulled up into the drive with a red mini van that looked a hundred years old and there must have had pounds of electronics in the trunk. I helped them carry it in and we searched for hours and found nothing. 

"Why don't we look at some street footage?" one of the nerds piped up after 4 hours of searching and we looked to him with disgust. 

It took us awhile to get to the top of the pole but we got the footage and the nerd that must have called me cause he sounded the same wondered, "About what time did you say your dad died?" 

"About 10:00 this morning is when I got the call so go back about a hour." I informed him. "It's about 3 right now." 

He scanned through the footage and started it, we waited awhile but suddenly he paused it. "Look!" a nerd shouted. There was a figure in a white jacket with a red stain on the back but there was no way you could see the face from the hood they were wearing. 

I spotted a gun and shouted, "Look up that gun!" I smiled in triumph. With some buttons and gadgets on nerd seemed to have found something. 

"It says on Google that it's a Beretta M9 whatever that means." he showed me a picture of it and I smiled in relief. I wasn't crazy. 

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