If I'm Gonna Die Young...

Sometimes things happen to good people, is that life? When Austen falls in love some unpleasant things slip behind her and she's not sure how
to handle them... But the weird thing is when something happens to her family they realize it's all a joke, someone's setting it all up. Who is it? Could it be her true love? Could it be her family? Or is it just someone she doesn't know?


7. Having a Boyfriend

I dash from the bathroom unsure what to say to Amber any longer, I loved her (as a friend) and I just can't imagine her dying. WITH A BABY ON THE WAY! I remembered my promise to Jase and I just had to see him. It wasn't exactly lunch yet ,but close enough. Is Amber gonna die? Thought's started rushing to my head, Why is she going to die so young? Is she going to last younger? 


I couldn't think of this type of stuff anymore. I quickly pulled out my phone and text Jase:

Me: I'm out at the bench already. Not having a great day...

Jase: Aw sorry. I'm in Study Hall I might be able to "go to the bathroom" so maybe we could talk?

Me: Yea, that'd be nice

Jase: Ok I'll be there as soon as I can...


I waited about 15 minutes more and I almost left the rose garden bench when I'm joined by a smiling Jase who was happily prancing holding some flowers. "Hey!" I called for him and patted the left side of the bench to signify I wanted him there and he sat joyfully. "Thanks for doing this..." I smile and blush a bit.


"Anytime..." his eyes sank through my pupils and he caressed my cheek with his soft hands. Our lips were only about an inch apart and I felt his breath against nose and our foreheads roughed lightly. My lips fell into his and I kissed him wanting more than one. He reached for me and I reached for his neck. I kissed him and he kissed me, we were both unsure to which would stop first. Finally, I smiled and stopped.


"What did you need?" I smiled and let out a giggle not wanting to stop but needing to stop.


"Do you... Maybe wanna be my.... Girlfriend?" he looked to the roses near the bench and waited for my answer.


"Yes!" I screamed in delight. I was about to shove myself at him when one of our teachers ,Mrs. Johnson our Art teacher, rushed to my side.


"You need go come to the office now!" she screamed at me in horror and grasped my arms harder than ever.


"What do you possibly need?" I questioned pulling back hard and Jase came to help out trying to pull me back and she lets go.


"It's your dad..." she tried to explain. "He-"


She was interrupted by a text on my phone:

Unknown: Hope you like my present -MT


"What d-did you need?" I stutter to her.


"It's your Dad.... He's dead."

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