If I'm Gonna Die Young...

Sometimes things happen to good people, is that life? When Austen falls in love some unpleasant things slip behind her and she's not sure how
to handle them... But the weird thing is when something happens to her family they realize it's all a joke, someone's setting it all up. Who is it? Could it be her true love? Could it be her family? Or is it just someone she doesn't know?


9. Families Aren't So Close

I pushes away the covers ready for a new day. I quickly changed into some short shorts with rips, and a loose flowy shirt (it was white with a ice cream on it) and a pink tank under neath. I curled my hair with my wand and put it into a loose bun letting my bangs and some tiny curls fall out. I slipped a hair tie on my hand in case of an emergency and grabbed my green iPhone 5C. I slipped on my mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, concealer, and some primer for my face so I didn't look like a hag.


I twisted down the stairs in our apartment and on my way for cereal I was stopped by some boxes that seemed to be guarding the kitchen. "Mason?" I wandered around trying to make my way in.


"Yes?" I heard a reply coming from the other side of the boxes.


"1. How do I get around, and 2. What are these for?" I ventured around like a sheep without its Shepard.


"To answer your first question the way in is through the front part of the house. To answer your second question, we're moving." he explained and and he went back to his cave of solitude.


I found my way in and made myself some breakfast cereal. "I've been getting these weird texts...." I started the conversation first. I clicked on my phone and took a munch of Captain Crunch. Sure enough there was another text:

Unknown: Your birthday isn't done yet... -MT


"Oh yea?" his voice muffled through the boxes and he peered out from the boxes and gave me a surprised look. He had bags from his eyes and they were pure blood shot. 


"When was the last time you took a nap?" I questioned his exhaustion. 


"It doesn't matter," he blushed slightly and rushed back into his cave if boxes. 


Weird... The bus didn't take one second to wait and blew the horn bursting a bellowed noise through the streets impatiently. I dashed from the porch onto the bus grabbing a seat by Jase. 


"Hey," I piped up after a awkward silence. 


"Hey..." he turned to the window talking to the open sky. 


"Something wrong?" I ask.


"No," he started, "I just.... Do you still like me?" he looked to me and fell deep into my eyes. I couldn't help myself and fell in the same way I did that day of the fight and the day at the we arrived at the bench. My lips touched mine and fireworks filled my head. He had no idea how much I liked him, boys can't take these things seriously sometimes and it makes me a but nervous. 


The rest of the school day it seemed to have gone by fast that is until we hit the Cafeteria. 


"Hurry!" a girl with brown hair in a bun who looked like she was about a year younger than me and a Junior screams brushing against my shoulder as she squeezes by. 


"What are your rushing for?" I ask irritated. 


"Your brother actually," she says running back toward the Cafeteria. My heart shoots out of myself, lately he's been acting really weird and if he's starting something I don't want to know about it.


I skipped toward the Cafeteria peeking in to see my brother on one of the lunch tables to start fight.  Sadly enough the fight wasn't the first thing I noticed. The first thing I noticed, was the white jacket my brother was wearing with a blood stain on the back then it hit me...


MT is Mason Tyler, my own brother. 

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