If I'm Gonna Die Young...

Sometimes things happen to good people, is that life? When Austen falls in love some unpleasant things slip behind her and she's not sure how
to handle them... But the weird thing is when something happens to her family they realize it's all a joke, someone's setting it all up. Who is it? Could it be her true love? Could it be her family? Or is it just someone she doesn't know?


2. Excepting Things

      The bell bellowed through the halls and the only movement I made was breathing and blinking. I took a look up to see everyone but the boy I now knew as Jase to come sit in front of me. He looked to my notebook and then to my grimaced face.  

      "Are you ok?" he looked at me in amazement and wonder.

     I took a minute and just excepted what had happened and pushed it aside. "I think I should go see her..." I finally looked into his light blue eyes that matched perfectly with his spiked brown hair and his blue jacket. 

      "Do you have a ride there? To the hospital I mean?" he was now just trying to be nice, he obviously felt bad.

      "Um, no." I lied because I wanted some guy that didn't know I was a loser yet to actually be interested in me. Although if I told my dad to pick me up he would in a second. I checked my phone making sure my dad didn't text me anything.

      "I can take you..." he offered, "I mean as long as you don't think that'd be awkward or anything." he let out a giggle trying to make things not awkward although he already knew they were. 

       "Sure," I rolled with it and smiled lightly. 

      "Ok," he also let up a smile. "Let's go."

      We walked out to my locker to grab most of my books in case I decided to stay home when I heard some laughs coming towards us. Great, here comes Kyle to find some way to make fun of us. 

       "Hey Jase," Kyle comes up smirking widely. "Is this your new girlfriend?" a bunch of girls and guys (known as his posse) who decided to come to join the party.

      "Excuse me Kyle," Jase replied. "but her mother just died." he explained which made Kyle stop off. 

       "Uh Excuse me Jase," I interrupted now furious as to why he would use my mothers death as some type of excuse. "you can't just use my mothers death as a some type of excuse so then your buddy doesn't bang out on you. 

      "OHHHHHHHHH!" Kyle and his buddies belted through the halls.

      I smiled at myself at my work done, yet I looked to Jase's disapointed face and he just walked off not sure what to say so I chased him. 

      "Wait!" I yelled for Jase now in front of him walking backwards. "I'm sorry I just.... I'm so confused..." I tried to explain but he just stopped and stared at me. 

     "Well, I tried to help you but instead you go all out on me."

     "I don't need your protection! Your not my boyfriend!" 

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