If I'm Gonna Die Young...

Sometimes things happen to good people, is that life? When Austen falls in love some unpleasant things slip behind her and she's not sure how
to handle them... But the weird thing is when something happens to her family they realize it's all a joke, someone's setting it all up. Who is it? Could it be her true love? Could it be her family? Or is it just someone she doesn't know?


5. A Kiss

      "What?!" I automatically looked to her stomach imagining a baby. "How?" I almost yelled so loud through the bathroom it somewhat must have rumbled though the halls. 

     "I...." her crying started again and she started getting her shirt soaking wet. 

     "What are you going to do?" I tried to hug her so her body would calm but she rejected me trying to ease herself to a rest. 

      "I'm-m going to do an a-abortion," she shutters but continues to move on. "There's something else I haven't told y-" she's interrupted by boys bellowing through the halls with their screams and yelling. I could hear the booming if lockers, they must have been shoving each other into the lockers.

"We should go check it out..." I manage to say and we both gave the signal to go check it out.

We dashed through the halls finding the source of the pounding when we literally found it. Kyle ran right into Amber with a shove so powerful they slid across the hallway and the lockers across from us stopped their force.

Kyle got to his feet with an adrenaline rush and a angered face. "What the heck?!" Kyle raced to Jase with force ready, but I held back his arm to what would have been a punch. "Wha-" we turns to me with anger but then realizes it's only me. "Can't you see in busy dealing with your boyfriend!" He burst with rage and I felt a blush coming on.

"He's not my boyfriend..." I struggled to say for I was now full of embarrassment.

"That's not what he said..." Kyle took a swung I didn't see coming and I heard a crack come from Jase's jaw and Jase responded with a kick to the leg when you also heard a crack, his leg I knew was broken. With the struggle of getting to his feet Jase jumped onto Kyle punching him over and over again blood now splattered upon his hands not giving a care in the world.

"HEY!" Mr. Banks ,the English teacher, swaggered up to us with a intense emotional yell from his classroom.

"What are y-you kids doing?" He stammered trying to look as though he was in some authority but no one ever listened to him. He knelt down beside Kyle and herded Jase away from the scene and I followed him as he twisted around the corner.

"Hey wait!" I called to him and he turned around with a huff.

"What do you want?" He questioned me in annoyance.

"I-I'm sorry..." I tried to explain and I caught up with him as I dug through my purse for a tissue. I wiped his blood leaking from his nose and mouth.

I couldn't help myself and neither could he, we both fell deep into each other's eyes and he caught me with a long soothing kiss. It felt good, I could hear the sound of fireworks in my head and I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine.

All I knew was that I loved this feeling.


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