Cho Chang and my Complicated Love Life

Heyyyyyy I am Cho.... Cho Awesomepants
This is my love life story... based around Harry's 4th year (In movie am am the same age, in the book i am older so whatever)
I would also like to thank @Mirlotta for the idea... and like all the ideas for any diary -you awesome girly!


8. The triwizard tournament

Word of the day- winooze


to run very fastly

Dear diary,

today professor DumblyDorey told us that are school will be hosting the triwizard tournament. Two other schools will be participating. They winoozed their way to our school. They were DurmStrong and BuexBeautifuls. So us and the... Others can enter to win the triwizard tourney.

My CEDEY WEDEY entered!!!!!!!!!! OMCWISA!!!!!!!!!!!

OMCW! He could die! Oh my. Fan me Marrietta, before I faint.

Really Cho... You put me in Cho jail so I can't I am stuck in Cho jail.

Don't back sass me!

I wasn't

Shut up Marrietta no one likes you. Ugh! Oh and thanks for the sticker... By the way!

So back to Cedey Wedey, my wonderful lover who is entering this dangerous competition, how daring and dashing! Right. HEY NO STEALING MY BOYFRIEND!




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