Cho Chang and my Complicated Love Life

Heyyyyyy I am Cho.... Cho Awesomepants
This is my love life story... based around Harry's 4th year (In movie am am the same age, in the book i am older so whatever)
I would also like to thank @Mirlotta for the idea... and like all the ideas for any diary -you awesome girly!



Word of the Day- Rabudabudabudabuda


Not a real word of the day

Real Word of the Day- Fauxouce


So attractive that it causes others to become dazed when they lay eyes on you

Dearestest Diary,


Today we were all called to the big hall thingy room, and DumblyDorey said he was going to choose the competitors for the Triwizard Tourney. And I was sitting with Marrieta telling her to "GO TO CHO JAIL NOW" when guess who got selected! You will never guess!

Cedric Diggory.

Marietta you are not supposed to answer! And seriously, stop messing with my diary!


And when he looked at me, I just waved all fauxously and did the duck face at him! And then he smiled back all uncomfortably and scooted in the other direction!

And then this really beefy guy from whatever-that-place-is-called was chosen. He was not cute at all! He just frowned at everybody! What a grump!

Then this really blonde chick from BeuxBeautifuls went up there and was all, "Hi! My name is dumb Blondie and I'm all flirty and  gonna flirt with your wittle-pwesious-Cedey-Wedey!" And I just wanted to smack all those, perfect, blonde curls out from under her obnoxious blue bowling ball of a hat!

But after that, I forgot all about her and her fifty pounds of makeup, because we were supposed to be done. I wanted to leave. I still hadn't caught the library! But no! Somebody else had to be picked!

This guy called Harry Potter went up there, and DumblyDorey was all mad and confused. But he went up there with the other three anyway, and stood next to Cedey Wedey. Then I got a good look at him.

To me, he looked like a handsome, charming, daring young man- erm, I mean, an annoying, rambunctious, rude little child. Especially standing next to that guy Cedric. Um, my Cedey Wedey.

Yep. That's right. He wasn't fauxouce at all. Nope. Not at all.

Admit it. You were staring at him and drooling everywhere and your eyes were wider than a cute little lost puppy's.


You aren't disagreeing!

SHUT YOUR TRAP! So, as I was saying, then we went back to are normal day.

Well, other than the fact that all day long you were fawning all over that boy all day long, and then slapping yourself and shouting, "OMCDINAAAM!" What does that mean, anyway?

Oh My Cedey Wedey Is Not As Adorabolishious Any More.

Uh, I mean...

Orange Mommy Candycorn Watermelon Indigo Noodle Avocado Ankle Abstract Monopoly!

Uh huh.

Uh huh.

So, um...


CHO CHO!!! <3

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