Cho Chang and my Complicated Love Life

Heyyyyyy I am Cho.... Cho Awesomepants
This is my love life story... based around Harry's 4th year (In movie am am the same age, in the book i am older so whatever)
I would also like to thank @Mirlotta for the idea... and like all the ideas for any diary -you awesome girly!


3. My first boyfriend

Word of the day

(Adverb) Prettitely

the act of doing something in a pretty manner

not to be confused with prettily


Dear Diary,

I think I will start by giving you some of my background information.

I was born... and then... I don't remember...

Um... were was I?

Oh yes 

When I was 2, I went to Kindergarden. Your thinking that's young... (I can read your mind) but I am a Ravenclaw... A RAVENCLAW. I PRETTITELY walked over to a boy. I asked him if he would marry me (I WAS 2!) and he said yes. We got married and I kissed him under the Spider Infested Tree at the daycare! Then we "Divorced" because he thought I had commitment issues... I DO NOT! You are breaking rule 6! Now you have to go to Cho Jail

I am not telling you anything else while you are in Cho Jail!

Follow me to Cho jail!

*Cho points at owl cage* IN!

UGH! Stop badgering me! Fine I will finish my story. Wait I had already finished my story.

*Giggles prettitely* Nevermind :))))))


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