Cho Chang and my Complicated Love Life

Heyyyyyy I am Cho.... Cho Awesomepants
This is my love life story... based around Harry's 4th year (In movie am am the same age, in the book i am older so whatever)
I would also like to thank @Mirlotta for the idea... and like all the ideas for any diary -you awesome girly!



Word of the day- Magicantastic


Fabulous, fantastic, or amazing in a seemingly magical way.


ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(exclamation marks continue off of page)

Dear Diary,




No, really, guess!



Are you giving me the silent treatment?! How dare you!!!

*Commence crying in corner*

How could you ever to this to meeeeee-

That's rule number six! CHO JAIL!!!


Oh, wait, I never took you out! SO, HA! Now that you are,... still,... trapped in Cho Jail and can't stop me from telling you, I will tell you!


So today I was walking to my class after lunch, and I saw that Hot-hot-hottie Cedric Diggory, who I think I will start calling Cedey-Wedey! It's so cute! I'm so good at coming up with cute nicknames!

So anyway, we were walking down the hall, and he came up to me and said the cutest thing ever!

"Hey, Cho, you've got barbeque sauce on your shirt."

It was like, OMCWISA! And if you didn't know, that stands for Oh My Cedey Wedey Is So Adorabolishous! And he is! And being the Magicantastic Cho that I am, I came up with the most magicantastic reply!

"And what business do you have looking at my shirt? Are you interested in this?"

Well, no, I guess that isn't entirely true. It went more like this.

"Oh, hi, umm,..." *runs away*

But this time, I actually said something! I'M SO PROUD OF ME!

Love, the Magicantastic CHO-CHO!

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