Cho Chang and my Complicated Love Life

Heyyyyyy I am Cho.... Cho Awesomepants
This is my love life story... based around Harry's 4th year (In movie am am the same age, in the book i am older so whatever)
I would also like to thank @Mirlotta for the idea... and like all the ideas for any diary -you awesome girly!


2. Cho's rules for you... OR DIE!

Word of the day- Rainbowrific

(noun) so awesome it is like a rainbow.


Dear diary,

please forgive me if I ever call you dairy... just remeber you are RAINBOWRIFIC!

Take that word of the day!

Oh right, none of you know about my word of the day.

Well one day I was braiding my beautiful RAINBOWRIFIC hair and I realized that I really needed to inform the less informed with more words... So I have a word of the day

I have a RAINBOOWRIFIC vocabulary so never make fun of it


you've been warned... I warned you

other rules by Cho

1. Never make fun of my overly smart vocabulary. I am smart... I know... BUT I AM NOT A NERD!

2. Never touch my RAIONBOWRIFIC hair. It has magical powers that make you turn green and and barf rainbows. It has nothing to do with me never cleaning it... It is just so magical!

3. Never tell me my hair isn't magical

4. Never break any of Cho's rules

5. Always give Cho your pets for she is great with animals and never lets them die... ever... I AM SORRY BILLY I DIDN'T MEAN TO!

Breathe Cho... breathe

6. Don't make fun of my relationship issues. WAIT WHAT ISSUES! I HAVE NO ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever... Point out I have bar "b" "q" sauce on my shirt

8. Don't tell me I am stupid when I tell you the library walked away... BECAUSE IT DID

9. Use my daily vocabulary words.

10. Give me any stickers so I can put them on my diary!

11. ALL STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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