My Artwork

This is just a bunch of the stuff I draw. I draw some weird stuff sometimes. I probably won't update to much.


5. Girlie and David, Coming Soon to a Computer Near You - March 13, 2014

     Hello, hello, hello! Been a while. So anyway, today, Prez Cipher, who we all know is awesome, and I were talking, and she made a reference to Gravity Falls, which is pretty normal for us. I began to think about Lilo and Stitch for no apparent reason whatsoever, and we began casting people in our universe as characters in Lilo and Stitch. It is actually amazing how well all of this fits in. For example, Lilo (Girlie) is a seven-year-old who is mainly watched over by her older sister, Nani (Prez) and David (Bill). Not to mention the amazing little Scrump (my David Tennant Plushie).

     We eventually decided to do a remake of Lilo and Stitch with our own casting, because we did a fabulous job, and it deserves to be noted by fellow Movelians. I drew the cover, and I had to put it up on here, even though it doesn't look nearly as good on a computer screen as real life!


     With me as Lilo, a miniature child version of David Tennant as Stitch, Prez as Nani, Bill Cipher as David (not Tennant), and none other than Mr. Poolcheck from Gravity Falls as Elvis Presley, this should be... weird. But a good weird, of course.


     This should be ready tomorrow, but who knows?

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