Babysitting One Direction


1. Chapter One

"Bye kids!" I said smiling brightly at them. The three small children grinned at me.

"Bye Miss Leigh Anne" Laura replied quietly. Their mom appeared behind them.

"Bye kids!" I said smiling brightly at them. The three small children grinned up at me.

"Bye Miss Anna Lee" Laura replied quietly. Their mom appeared behind them.

"Thanks Anna Lee" She said as she handed me a few bills. I smiled at her.

"My pleasure Mrs. Hartwell. I love your sweet kids!" She chuckled.

"As soon as you leave, they'll be total terrors!" I laughed.

"I can't even imagine that!" I winked at Evan. He gave me a big hug.

"Well you better believe it!" Mrs. Hartwell exclaimed. "I'm sure Miss Anna Lee needs to go home now guys. Not to mention it's almost bedtime!" The kids groaned and stomped inside. "Thanks again, sweetie." She said smiling, I nodded.

"Thank you! See you in the fall!" She smiled. "Of course, what would we do without our favorite babysitter?" I sighed.

"I don't know Mrs. Hartwell. I'm going to miss your family this summer! I'm without a job!" She winked.

"My brother has been looking for a full-time baby sitter this summer. I recommended you. Watch out for the call!"

I marked out the date from my large calendar. Today was my last day of high school. Graduation was last week. I smiled to myself. It's to bad the Hartwells are going to visit their family in London this summer. I'm stuck without a job. I sighed, wondering if Mrs. Hartwell's brother would ever call.

The phone rang

I peeked up and grabbed the phone, placing it to my ear.

"Hello? This is Anna Lee" I exclaimed.

"Hi, this is Simon, I'm Leah's brother? Replied a man with a British accent.

"Oh yes. How are you?" I said.

"I'm great. I was wondering if you'd be willing to babysit my five sons this summer." My eyes widened. Five sons? Why not five daughters? I quickly respond to myself.

"Of course."

"Great! Can I have your address to pick you up tomarrow?"

"Sure" I gave him my address and moved on.

"What are your rates?"

"It's usually customers choice" I said, "whatever works for me, I'm saving for uni." Simon chuckled.

"I understand the feeling. You live in LA, right?"

"Yes, I do, More in the outskirts really though"

"Great! I was planning leaving tomorrow, I'm currently in LA but I live in London."

"London?" I breathed. My dream was to go back. I was born there. Ollie lived there...

"Yes" Simon said, interrupting me from my thoughts, "is that a problome?"

"No of course not!" I replied quickly, "I was born there I've always wanted to go back." He laughed.

"Fabulous. For payment, since your living in America, I was thinking two grand a week?" My mouth dropped open.

"Two grand!?"

"Yes, it's a full time job. You'll be living with the boys."

"Wow" I muttered.

"I'll pick you up at eight?" He asked.

"See you then!" I replied still in shock.


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