The Pregnancy Plan

"This Is the Sequel To "The Pregnancy Project" I would read that before you read this :) " After They ALL Find out the gender of the baby everyone's excited Teddy's Excited to Be a Big Sister and Harry is Excited to be the Real Father of The New Baby. But Something Starts to happen after the 5th month of Louise's pregnancy....


4. Wait...What?

"Louise, Its Okay Its Nothing Bad." Anne says Calming me down 

Oh thats great i say sitting down 

"Anyway Girls...I'm Getting Remarried!" She says Clapping her hands 

Wait...What? I ask A bit confused 

"Yes He purposed 2 days ago i didn't know how to tell you guys!" She says 

Anne! Thats Great! I say Standing up hugging her even though its hard with my stomach 

"Thank You guys so much! And Teddy I want you to be my flower girl!" 

"REALLY? MOMMY CAN I CAN I?!?!?!" Teddy Screams jumping up and down

I chuckle Why of course Baby! So anne did you tell Harry yet? I ask As Annes Smile fades 

"No not yet, Im a bit nervous" She says sitting back down drinking her tea 

Hes Going to be thrilled Anne! Especially when he hears About Teddy being the Flower girl!

She agrees and we talk a little more Until My phone buzzes...Oh its Harry I say answering the phone 

Hey babe whats up?

"Louise You need to come home its about Niall" He says 

Okay Be there in 5 I say hanging up... 


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