The Pregnancy Plan

"This Is the Sequel To "The Pregnancy Project" I would read that before you read this :) " After They ALL Find out the gender of the baby everyone's excited Teddy's Excited to Be a Big Sister and Harry is Excited to be the Real Father of The New Baby. But Something Starts to happen after the 5th month of Louise's pregnancy....



Ugh HARRY! I scream And He rushes into the living room 

"What is it  Babe?" He asks 

We Ran Out of Icecream! I say Making him Laugh 

"Okay, I'll Go get some...What Type?" 

"CHOCOLATE! DADDY! " Teddy Screams Running into the room 

"Why Okay I'll Be Back Guys." He says Kissing us both on the heads leaving


"Mommy?" Teddy Asks 

Yes Baby? I answer 

"When will my sissy Come?" 

She will Be here in about 6 months.

"What! 6 months!" 

I laugh As Harry walks in the room

"Two Chocolate Pints For the Lovely Lady's!" Harry Smiles Handing me and Teddy Our icecream. 

Thanks Babe I say Kissing Harry..."Your Welcome" He says 

"Oh And My Mum wants to know if you and teddy want to go to her house today." He says 

Um Sure I say stuffing my face with icecream, Making him laugh.

I got dressed and dressed Teddy And We headed to Annes House...

"GRANDMA!" Teddy Screamed running in the house hugging anne. (Even Though me and harry aren't married yet.) 

"Hi Girls! Now I Invited you Here cause we need to talk..." Anne Said Making my heart Stop for a minute....







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