The Pregnancy Plan

"This Is the Sequel To "The Pregnancy Project" I would read that before you read this :) " After They ALL Find out the gender of the baby everyone's excited Teddy's Excited to Be a Big Sister and Harry is Excited to be the Real Father of The New Baby. But Something Starts to happen after the 5th month of Louise's pregnancy....


2. Baby Shopping! pt 2

We were in the car on our way to the mall I was Sitting in the back with Dani Talking 

"So Do you already know what your going to name her?" She asks 

No, We haven't really thought of a name yet i mean i'm only 2 months pregnant! i say As we both laugh

Finally when we get to the store we buy tons of things for the baby. When we get home Eleanor invites all of us to go to her house of course me and harry except And Take teddy with us because of William ( eleanor's son). Me and El always joke around saying that when they get older they're going to be the perfect couple! They Just Adore eachother, Oh and Danielles Daughter Isabella And Teddy Are Bestfriends! 

When We get to El's House Teddy Goes and Plays While me and the others talk... 


When We get home Me and Harry Sit down And Watch Tv When Teddy Comes Over to us and Lays down And Cuddles In the middle of us. I smile As Harry Looks At me 

"I love You Guys"  He says 

I smile "I love you guys too" 

"I love you guys three!" Teddy Says 

Making us laugh As we all Watch the rest of Our movie....




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