It was only a feeling

"Why are you such a bitch about who I fuck Maia!?"
"Because I love you, you douchebag!!"
Maia aka Minnie, has known Harry Styles her whole life and he was more or less a douchebag. When they both get accepted into the same university they decide to just rent a flat together. But what happens when the accidentally develop feeling for each other?


1. You're just an asshole

Minnie's POV

"Harry get your stupid ass in here and help me!" I yell at Harry as I struggle to move the big box I was carrying into the kitchen of our new flat. I hear grumbling and suddenly the weight is lifted out of my arms. I turn and grab a few smaller boxes and put them in then turn and face Harry. His shirt is off and I can see all his tattoos as he leans over and unpacks the big box of pots I couldn't carry.

"You know you really shouldn't lift things that way more then you, especially if you're a girl." he says and I roll my eyes.

"Oh because girls are soooo much weaker than boys right?" I say and Harry smirks and nods.

"Well ya, because we're just naturally better." he says..

"You're a pig Styles." I say groaning. 

"Well you're a bitch."



"Manwhore." I say back and he just rolls his eyes.

"Will you let it go already?" he says and I shake my head.

"No, and because I'm stuck sharing this flat with you for the next 12 months I'll keep reminding you!" I yell, angry again.

"This is why Jason dumped you you know! You can't let anything go!" he yells back. I storm into my room and slam the door before crying. He knew I hated him bringing that up yet he still did it. He's an asshole Maia, what'd you expect? the stupid little voice in my head whispered and I just cried harder. I'd known Harry for years and he always hurt me but for some reason I always forgave him. I hear the door open and I shift to the corner of my bed and curl up, holding my pillow against me. 

"G-go away H-H-Harry, you're just an asshole, I d-d-don't w-want to talk to you." I choke out but he sighs and shifts forward. I grab my pillow and chuck it at him and he just lets it hit his chest before moving closer and trying to get his arms around me.

"Min, wait-"

"NO HARRY YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT YOU'RE SORRY, YOU GET EVERY GIRL AND THEN YOU WRECK MY RELATIONSHIP AND YOU CAN'T HELP BUT BRING IT UP, NO HARRY NO! I HATE YOU!" I yell at him before I start to punch his chest as hard as I could (which wasn't very hard considering I was sobbing and shaking). He sits still before I collapse on his chest and sob into him. He wraps his arms around me and starts to stroke my hair softly. 

"Shh, calm down Maia, you just made me mad, I'm sorry." I was silent just laying on his chest as he played with my hair. Eventually I got sleepy and my breathing evened out and I started to drift off. I felt Harry shift so I was laying on the bed and I heard his feet padding away before returning. I felt him lay a blanket over me and tuck it in. I was about to slip off when  I felt his lips and the pressure of his lip ring on my forehead. 

"Goodnight Minnie."

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