It was only a feeling

"Why are you such a bitch about who I fuck Maia!?"
"Because I love you, you douchebag!!"
Maia aka Minnie, has known Harry Styles her whole life and he was more or less a douchebag. When they both get accepted into the same university they decide to just rent a flat together. But what happens when the accidentally develop feeling for each other?


2. I Hate You

Minnie's POV

2 Months later

"Harry, Ugh, HARRY!" I heard grunting and moaning in the room next to mine and I shove my earphones in trying to block out the noise. This was the 9th girl Harry had brought back since we moved in and every time he brought them back I was forced to listen to it until 4 am. I turn on Cher Lloyd's Playa Boi and turn it full volume. I listen to my music for roughly an hour before I take out my earbuds and listening to see if it's safe. It's silent. I tiptoe out my room to the kitchen. I flip on the light and nearly scream when I see Harry in nothing but boxers, drinking water over the sink. 

"Jesus Harry!" I say holding my heart. He glances up and winks.

"Hello to you too." he eyes me up and down and I suddenly realize I'm in short shorts and a sports bra. I blush and try to cover my stomach.

"What are you doing here? What about what's-her-name?" I ask and walk around him and opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice.

"I gotta re-charge." he said winking and I grunt in disgust. 

"You're disgusting Harry, does she know that you're only gonna leave her in the morning?" I say, putting the orange juice back. He rolls his eyes and runs his hand through his hair. 

"No, and she won't until then, got it?" he said and I drink my juice before putting the cup by the sink and turning and walking away.

"Whatever Styles, just keep it down in there." I say walking into my room.

"I can't help that I'm amazing in bed!" he called after me and I turn in the doorway and look at him.

"Do you ever think that she might be screaming in hopes someone will come save her?" I mock and he gives me a sarcastic look and flips me the bird.

"Fuck off King." he says and I smirk and close my door.

"Asshole." I say walking to my bed and flopping down. I pick up a book and start to flip through it before hearing the girl's squeals again. "Ugh gross." I say but I feel jealousy surge through me as I turn off the lights and climb into bed. What? I'm not jealous that some slut is fucking Harry! But maybe it's because Harry's fucking some slut...

8 hours later

I turn off the shower and step out before wrapping myself up in a fluffy towel. I dry myself off a bit before stepping out of the bathroom in time to see a crying girl slam the door shut.

"I'm guessing she found out that you don't do real relationships?" I say walking to my bedroom as Harry dropped onto the couch, shirtless as usual (does he ever wear shirts?).

"Yup, told her and BOOM! She just started to cry! Are all girls that sensitive?" Harry asked me scrunching his eyebrows together.  I roll my eyes and walk into my bedroom.

"Yes, actually Harry, we have FEELINGS. Something you seem foreign to." I shut my door and go through my drawers looking for something to wear. I decide on my pink floyd crop top, some ripped skinny jeans, and a red plaid shirt for over top. I go to my vanity and put on a smokey eye, some light blush and bronzer and red lips to complete the look before straightening my hair. For jewelry I put on a bunch of braided bracelets and my deathly hallows necklace. I run out of my room and grab my bag before slipping on my combat boots, leather jacket and my beanie. I check the time on my phone before calling for Harry.

"Oi Styles c'mon!" I yell and he runs out of his room pulling on a shirt. We leave the flat and head down to Harry's car. He unlocks it and I hop in the passenger side and as he hopped in the drivers side. As we make our way to the university I turn on the radio and lean back in my seat closing my eyes. I must drift off to sleep on our ride there because I wake up to Harry shaking me awake.

"Get up I'm not going to be late because you didn't get enough sleep." I grumble and unbuckle my seatbelt.

"Hey it's your fault I was up all night." I say and climb out of the car. We headed our separate ways not saying anything.

4 Hours  Later

I lay on the couch aimlessly flipping through a magazine bored out of my mind. Harry went off with some girl and I'm home alone yay. Not. I toss the magazine down and head into the kitchen and find a recipe to bake in one of the many cookbooks my mum sent with me. I get out all the ingredients I need for my brownies and by the time I'm cleaning up and waiting to take them out of the oven Harry's back but, surprisingly, alone.

"Minnie?" he yelled from the living room.

"In here!" I yell back and put the cookbook away. I turn around just as Harry walks in looking like hell. I stop and stare at him.

"Long story, girl was there her new boyfriend didn't like that I hurt his 'bunny'." Harry says plopping down onto a stool at the counter. I lean across the counter and just look at him as he puts his head in his hands.

"Harry she's just some one night st-" I start  but he cuts me off.

"I know that! But now chances of any other girl even looking at me isn't gonna happen! Stupid slut." I roll my eyes and stand up. Of course Harry's only upset because she might have wrecked his chance of sleeping with another innocent girl.

"Whatever Harry that's not true, there's plenty more sluts that want you." I say and turn and take my brownies out of the oven as the timer goes off.

"Why are you pissed?! It's not like you knew her and she was some personal best friend! Stop acting like I cheated on you!!" Harry yelled at me. I slip it onto the racks and head off to my room pissed off that my flatmate was a man whore who really only cared about getting what he wanted. I slip off my skinny jeans and put on sweat pants. I sit in front of my vanity and look at myself and then pick up my hairbrush and start to brush my hair to calm myself down. I close my eyes and just keeping running my hairbrush through my hair and I feel myself relax until my phone goes off. I look at it and see a text from my best girl friend Lucy.

Lucybear: Hey Mins whatchu doin tomorrow?

Me: Nothin why?

Lucybear: Party, some kid named Zayn, hes pretty popular. U in?

Me: Sure.

Lucybear: Great! Pick u up 8 tomorrow? also wear somethin nice ;)

Me: Ya sounds good, gotta avoid the dbag tho and sure ;)

Lucybear: Hes STILL a douche! Wow well ima save ya tomorrow, bye luv g2g!

Me: Kk see ya then

I put my phone down and pick up my hairbrush again and continue brushing my hair. Eventually I'm daydreaming, about everything that I wish could happen when I feel someone lightly take the brush from my hand. My eyes instantly open and I shoot up from my slumped position when I feel someone brushing my hair for me. 

"Shh love, it's only me." I hear Harry say and I relax slightly but not to much. I'm about to let him just brush my hair when I remember what happened.

"Ya, it's only you." I spat and stood up taking the brush from him.

"Wow calm down." he says sitting on my bed and sprawling out acting like he was a king or something. I walk to the bed and stand in front of him with my hands on my hips and and glare at him.

"Get off my bed." I say trying to keep a calm voice.

"Why?" he asks playing innocent and smiling up at me while playing with his lip piercing.

"Because I wanna go to bed."

"Then join me." he says winking and I roll my eyes disgusted.


"Aw c'mon love, I won't try anything."

"You're Harry, you're always trying something." I say.

"No I won't c'mon." before I can move Harry reaches forward and pulls me onto the bed with him. I struggle but he wraps his arms around me and I can't move.

"I hate you." I say as he pulls my blankets over us and pulls me closer to his chest.

"I know." he says and nuzzle into my pillow and start to feel tired. I hear Harry's breathing slip into an even pattern. As I start to close my eyes he shifts and I'm now on top of his chest. I rest my ear above his heart and listen to the steady beat it makes as it pumps blood through his body.

A/N: Sorry for the time skips but I don't think you wanna hear about school and I promise next chapter will be WAY better it's late and I've been working on this for to long cause I didn't know where to go with it. Like, Favourite and comment! Thanks y'all! :D

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