Evelyn Woodruff is a 20 year old from America . She's a professional dancer and music producer. She finds herself in the UK with the job that she's always dreamt of. That job involves working with the boys that'll change her life forever.
*takes place in 2019*
~includes extreme plot twists


1. Prologue

"I'm so nervous." I placed my hands over my head , pacing back and forth in the hallway I was in.

"Evelyn, you'll be fine. I promise. Just be yourself. I know you're good at doing that already anyways. So just be confident, you hear?" My roommate Katie always knew how to ease my stress. But this time around, it wasn't helping.

You see, I'm about to get interviewed for the most important job I ever applied for. This was no ordinary interview. It was an interview that I've always dreamt of.

It wasn't a normal job to get interviewed for, it was a show biz job. I would be able to go on tours with famous and well known people. Why? You ask.

I'll be their music designer. like a choreographer. I'll teach them everything they need to know abou--

"Evelyn Woodruff, the boss would like to see you now." The assistant called me, interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh yes of course." I responded. I glanced back at Katie before I went into the room.

"You'll do great." She whispered as I nodded having confidence in myself.

I made it inside the room as the assistant left me to only turn around and see the big boss. Paul.

"Hello miss. You may take a seat right there." He ordered.

"Yes sir." I choked

I sat down gulping.

"Why are you so nervous ?" He asked crossing his hands.

"I-I just- Well this job is really important to me . I've always dreamt of having this job. And as a professional dancer, I'd like to prove to you that I'm made for this job. I don't want to mess this up." I rambled.

"Darling, how would you mess this up? I like you already. I could actually see you working with the boys and getting along with the whole crew. You'll do fine. Now first, tell me about yourself Ms. Woodruff."

Paul was so polite. I remember always watching him do his job. Watching him get after the boys like they were his own kids.

Let me fill you in on what's about to occur. I'm getting interviewed to be One Direction's music designer. Yes, I know this sounds weird. So basically I'll be the person they go to when they need new beats , rhythms, and I'll show them how they should use or play them .

"Okay here it goes." I took a deep breath. "My name is Evelyn Lee Woodruff. I recently moved here from America about a month ago. I'm 20 years in a half. I'm a professional music producer and dance choreographer. I know, it's crazy to think that I'm just 20 and I'm already labeled such big names. Well, that's really all I lived for ever since my younger years, Is music. And dance of course . It's always been my passion.

I came from very little. I didn't have a lot growing up. But I did have music and that's what gave me hope in living. I felt that I had a reason in life. That god gave me music to dance and make something out if it. This brings me to where I am today. Right now I'm sitting at this interview telling somewhat about myself, and only hoping that I'm suitable for this job. I thank you so much for your time Paul. I appreciate every bit of it."

I finished leaving Paul speechless. He nodded in an approving manner.

"Wow." He started off. "I'm gonna tell you now, you're quite an amazing young lady." He smiled.

"Oh my. You really think so?" I got so excited.

"Yes definitely Evelyn. And I'm extremely glad to say that I'll be seeing you more often as one of the crew members." He stuck his hand out for a hand shake.

"A-Are you serious?! I-I'm in?!" I practically screamed.

"Yes you are Ms. Woodruff. Welcome aboard sweetie. I'm sure you and the lads will get along so well. We're all family so don't be shy. You start Monday love. See you then." Paul said as we shook hands.

"Thank you so much Mr. Higgins. See you Monday." I waved.

"Okay I'll have one of the lads pick you up from your place. With this paper work you filled out, we'll have your location."

"Okay sure! Bye!" I walked out so cheerfully. The first person I saw was Katie with a big smile on her face as if she knew the news already. "Katie! I'm in!" I screamed and hugged her.

"Well duh! Of course you're in! Why wouldn't you get this?! You're so amazing Evelyn! I'm so happy for you!" She said.

"Thank you so much. I start on Monday." I told her.

"Well we both know what this means." She said.

"SHOPPING!" We both screamed.

Now since I got this amazing job. I need to look good and that calls for shopping and if you will…a makeover. Not that I need it desperately, I just need a refreshing look to be exact.


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